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Many people think that a will doesn’t need to be made until later life. However, wills are usually inexpensive yet vital in the management of your affairs should the unforeseen happen, so we recommend you make one as soon as possible for peace of mind. Get in touch with your local solicitors for wills.

Research by the Law Society of England and Wales tells us that 84% of people aged 25-34 do not have an up-to-date will, plus 22% of people over 65 and 42% of those widowed, divorced or separated do not know whether or not their will needs updating. Having no will or a will that is out of date can cause problems if the unfortunate occurs. In order to ensure that your property and assets go to the people, organisations and charities you feel are worthy, you must ensure that you have a will that can be immediately referred to when required.

Our expert wills and trusts solicitors will advise on everything from creating a will to managing trusts and tax planning. You can also appoint guardians for your children, and even make sure that your pets are provided for when you’re gone.

Remember a Charity

We're proud to support the 'Remember a Charity in your will' campaign. You can use your will to look after everything that's important to you, including charitable causes. A gift to a charity in your will does not have to mean large amounts of money as even a small gift can really make a big difference. For further details, please visit www.rememberacharity.org.uk

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Powers of Attorney

We all have the right to manage our own money and affairs. However, our ability to do this may decrease in later life due to illness, disability, or an accident. By making a Lasting Power of Attorney (also known as LPA) you can help to plan ahead by appointing a member of your family, or a trusted friend, to look after your finances or make welfare decisions on your behalf should you no longer be able to do so. Our team of expert solicitors will be able to advise you on and help prepare your Lasting Powers of Attorney.

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The administration of estates, involves dealing with your affairs after your death. The 'estate' is made up of your property and any other assets you may have when you die, and probate is the legal document which gives the executors the authority to deal with a person's assets after their death. Our probate specialists will handle the winding up of your estate with great sensitivity and are able to help your family and friends through what can be a very upsetting and confusing time.

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