Insolvency proceedings are an effective way of recovering unpaid debts. However, if the threat is implemented and does not result in payment before the insolvency order, creditors often wait a long time to receive a modest proportion of what is owed to them.

Our insolvency team provides cost-effective recovery solutions and, uniquely amongst law firms, we provide a comprehensive range of insolvency services which are focused on maximising and accelerating returns to creditors.

A 'one stop shop' insolvency service

The starting point of our 'one stop shop' insolvency service is working with our clients to identify cases that are appropriate for insolvency action. This is either because it’s likely that a debtor will pay to avoid an insolvency order or because there are sufficient assets to pay our client after the insolvency administration.

Insolvency practitioner services

Uniquely, amongst law firms, our comprehensive range of recovery services includes the services of an Insolvency Practitioner who works with a specialist insolvency case administration team. We deal with the insolvencies which result from the orders we obtain and also those which result from insolvency orders obtained by others.

In addition, our insolvency practitioner services include:

  • Administrations and voluntary arrangements - in respect of companies and partnerships
  • Insolvent 'creditors' and solvent 'members' voluntary liquidations of limited companies and limited liability partnerships, and
  • Voluntary arrangements in respect of individuals.

Insolvency litigation

We also provide insolvency litigation advice through our team of specialist insolvency lawyers. Our insolvency legal team works closely with our case administration team and has a unique understanding of the requirements of our insolvency practitioner clients. This enables us to assist them in dealing with their appointments effectively, keeping legal costs to a minimum.

The nature and extent of our insolvency expertise means we are well placed to provide advice and assistance to the very wide range of those affected by insolvency.


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Commercial Recoveries

We have a dedicated commercial recoveries unit, handling commercial debt recovery and dispute resolution. We provide proactive advice on recovery options available and the commercial considerations for such action on behalf of a wide range of sectors across the UK.

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Insolvency Practitioners and Business Rescue

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Legal Recovery Support

Our Legal Recovery Service is widely recognised as a leader in the field of debt recovery. We work with a wide range of clients in both national and international recovery, advising on pre-legal and legal recovery, insolvency and commercial litigation.

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