legal aid

Legal Aid

If you need help with paying for legal advice, you may be able to get legal aid. At Wilkin Chapman Solicitors, we are proud to be contracted with the Legal Aid Agency for the following service:

  • Clinical Negligence (Lincoln office)

Legal aid plays a vital role in helping to meet the costs of legal advice for those individuals who are most at risk of being excluded from our legal system. If you are eligible for legal aid, one of our legal experts will usually apply for legal aid on your behalf. If you qualify, the government pays your costs directly to us.


Whether you qualify for legal aid is determined by your financial position and the strength of your case. In civil (non-criminal) cases you will have to provide details and evidence of your income, any benefits, savings and property, and those of your partner.

You can check whether you are eligible to receive legal aid by using the following tools:

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