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Making a Will

Making a Will may appear daunting, but you need to think about how much worse it could be if you died without having one in place.

If you don’t have a valid Will, the State dictates what happens to your estate on your death, and these rules will not always provide for your loved ones in the way you might expect. This can leave your family facing a more stressful situation than would otherwise have been the case, at the same time as having to cope with grief and loss. 

If you want to make the decisions about the distribution of your assets on death, our expert Will solicitors can help you plan ahead, to ensure your family receive the inheritance you wish them to.

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Why make (or update) a Will?

Whatever your age, if you have children, if you own any assets (e.g. a house, a business, savings or investments), whether you are married, single, cohabiting or in a civil partnership, you need to consider making a Will.

There are many reasons why.

  1. Children

    If you have children under the age of 18, you can appoint guardians to look after them and ensure they are provided for financially.

  2. Property

    If you own any property as ‘tenants in common’ a surviving joint owner (whether your spouse, partner, or indeed a business partner) will not automatically inherit your share, unless you have made a Will which makes this provision.

  3. Unmarried couples

    There is NO SUCH THING in English law as a ‘common law’ husband or wife, so your surviving partner has no entitlement to any of your assets if you haven’t got a Will.

  4. Change in circumstances

    If you marry, divorce, or have children.

  5. Funeral plans

    By documenting your wishes and other relevant information, it will save your family and loved ones from making tough decisions at such a difficult time. It will also help your executors, if they are not family or friends, deal with your funeral plans in the way that you would want, after you have passed.

    To help you think about the type of funeral you would like, we have developed this questionnaire. Preparing this now will give you peace of mind.

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  6. Business

    Wanting to wind down your involvement in your business? You may be considering provision or succession for your children – one who has followed you into the family business, with the others pursuing other career goals. How does the original partnership make plans, is it enough to simply change existing Wills to reflect what you wish on a personal and business level, or is something more required?

    We frequently work with our corporate and commercial team to provide bespoke solutions for our business clients’ in respect of their personal matters. With our expertise in complex and technical matters, we can ensure that valuable tax reliefs are not lost and offer succession planning advice for the next generation.

  7. Inheritance tax

    You can minimise the amount payable.

How much will it cost to make a Will?

The cost of your Will depends on the complexity of your affairs and the level of advice needed. We can provide fixed fees for Wills and will discuss the cost with you at your initial appointment or by phone following your enquiry.

Let us help you draw up your Will

Our team of dedicated Will solicitors help ensure that your wishes are carried out and that correct provisions have been made.

With our expert advice and knowledge, we can:

  • Draw up your Will, making provisions for those people who are important to you

  • Help and advise on inheritance tax issues and asset protection

  • Arrange the signing of your Will

  • Ensure your Will is kept in a safe place

  • Help review your Will, should your circumstances change

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