commercial dispute resolution

When a commercial dispute needs resolving, the skills and experience of your legal partner are crucial to determining the outcome.

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Sector experience

We use our experience of working in specific sectors and niche areas of the business to bring invaluable knowledge to resolving issues.

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We adopt a strategic approach from the outset and assist businesses to consider financial and time investments and weigh them up against potential outcomes.

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Civil litigation

We can also help you with personal disputes including disagreements over a garden boundary to a challenge to a Will. However complex, we can help you.

What our dispute solicitors can do for you

Business disputes are diverse and involve any number of individuals, groups, and sectors. Here are some dispute resolution service examples of matters we can help you with:

  1. Shareholder and director disputes

    We are frequently called upon to unravel disputes involving directors or shareholders who may wish to divorce themselves from a business commitment or company, retrieve a loan, or question governance, performance or conduct.

    Our dispute solicitors act for shareholders to bring or defend petitions for unfairly prejudicial conduct under Section 994 of the Companies Act 2006 (including instances where a shareholder is taking money out of the company, paying a salary to their partner who does not work for the business and transferring assets or business to another company).

    We also act for companies and directors in claims involving director fraud, breach of fiduciary duties and misfeasance.

  2. Partnership disputes

    Complex and emotive, partnership disputes are common in family-run enterprises. We have dealt with many over the years (particularly in the agricultural sector) and approach these cases with empathy and diplomacy.

    We seek solutions to avoid lengthy, expensive court proceedings which can threaten the future of an entire business.

  3. Restrictive covenant disputes - employees and directors

    Restrictive covenants are a way in which businesses can prevent former directors and employees from divulging information about their business or leaving to join a competitor.

    The team can act for the original business, the individuals, or the competitor in claims for injunctions (including springboard injunctions) and damages.

    Our dispute solicitors also advise individuals who are contemplating leaving an employer to join a competitor or set up a new business in competition.

  4. Unlawful team moves

    The team acts in claims for injunctions (including springboard injunctions) and damages where a team or part of a team of employees leaves at the same time to join a competitor, which creates a substantial and immediate problem for the employer. 

  5. Misuse of confidential information

    An employee or director may leave a business to join a competitor or start up a competing business and take confidential information with them such as client lists, client contact details, technical specifications or designs and drawings.

    Our commercial dispute resolution specialists can act for the original business, the individual or the new business to bring or defend injunction proceedings where the return of the confidential information is sought and in claims for damages. 

  6. Renewables and alternative technologies

    Our team acts for businesses and individuals in disputes surrounding renewables and alternative energies including wind turbines, solar and anaerobic digestion. 

  7. Professional negligence

    Negligence by professionals such as accountants, financial advisors, agronomists, building surveyors and solicitors may cause a substantial loss.

    The team regularly acts for businesses and individuals in professional negligence claims for damages.

  8. Intellectual Property (IP)

    Neglecting to carry out a thorough investigation prior to the launch of a new enterprise or product can lead to businesses falling foul of trademark breaches.

    IP disputes are often subject to interpretation with no two cases being the same. We have extensive experience in this complex area of litigation.

  9. Contract disputes

    We regularly act in commercial contractual disputes. Our commercial dispute resolution sector experience and wider knowledge of this area enable us to bring clarity to breach of contract claims, where it is often the interpretation of the finer details that can lead to allegations of a breach. 

What can you expect from us at Wilkin Chapman?

The commercial dispute resolution team at Wilkin Chapman is widely recognised for its ability to advise on complex matters, drawing on the breadth of expertise across the firm to provide clients with outstanding service.

We look at how to mitigate risk and then use our experience to put a business on the front foot in its dispute. 

With forensic-like scrutiny and determination, our dispute solicitors leave no stone unturned in our quest to resolve disputes encountered in the world of business.

  1. Conflict in business

    Conflict in business can be sensitive, costly and time consuming, but our purposeful and unflinching department works meticulously and efficiently towards a positive resolution, demonstrating exemplary standards.

  2. Technical knowledge

    In addition to our hard-earned track record in the core areas of litigation, we have technical knowledge relating to niche areas of commercial disputes along with valuable experience in specific sectors – which has proved a major advantage to our clients. 

    Led by Joshua Briggs, the dispute resolution team’s achievements are highlighted in the Legal 500 law firm guide. We can say with the utmost confidence that our work is comparable to that of large city law firms, but without the city cost. We offer excellent value for money without compromising on quality. 

  3. Strategic approach

    From complex shareholder, director, and partnership disputes to renewable energy dispute our work has led to judgments in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the High Court and the County Court as well as settlements through means of ADR.

    We will adopt a strategic approach from the outset and always seek a resolution for your business via the least disruptive and most cost-efficient route. 

  4. Sector experience

    Our firm is known for its broad range of work in specialist sectors that include housing & development, agriculture & food, digital & intellectual property, energy & renewables and the military.

    We use our experience of working in these sectors to give contextual, expert advice on disputes, with clients also benefitting from effective, multidisciplinary working from the firm as a whole.

    As regional panel members of the National Farmers’ Union’s (NFU) Legal Assistance Scheme, we advise the farming community on a wide range of issues, from growing and supply contracts to negligence by agronomists and surveyors, to land and partnership disputes and flooding and nuisance claims.  

  5. Niche expertise

    Our dispute resolution team has developed technical knowledge relating to more unusual and niche claims. These include:

    • Complex claims involving allegations of defamation, breach of privacy, misuse of confidential information, breach of the Data Protection Act, breach of confidentiality and breach of the Human Rights Act.

    • Intellectual property disputes involving breach of copyright and trademark, passing off and infringement of patent and design rights.

    • Technical expertise in the field of judicial review (especially in the renewables sector), commons registration and matters affected by the Aarhus Convention.

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