civil litigation

When a disagreement becomes protracted or too awkward to resolve, it is sometimes necessary to take the legal route.

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Our experts have worked on a huge range of cases and are recognised by a top independent UK legal guide.

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We always keep your costs front of mind without compromising the quality of our advice and service.

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Whole firm expertise

We draw on the knowledge of colleagues across the firm to cover all eventualities.

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Our services at a glance

  • Landlord services
  • Wills and inheritance disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Consumer issues
  • Debt recovery
  • Education – admission procedures and exclusions
  • Tenant services

Our civil litigation lawyers

From disagreements over a garden boundary to substandard work from a tradesperson, or a challenge to a Will – we have the expertise unpick the situation, however complex.

We shine legal clarity on the matter and bring it to a conclusion, so you can move on.

Rarely will you find two cases the same when it comes to a civil dispute, often referred to as litigation. It is therefore the skill and expertise of your choice of solicitor that will determine the overall outcome.

We are the only team in the region with our expertise in this field highlighted by the Legal 500, the UK’s most well respected, independent guide to law firms. You can be confident in our exceptional levels of knowledge and experience. 

Examples of how we resolve disputes

  1. What are the stages of the process?

    Once you have made an enquiry, our experts will gather all the available information relative to your case and judge the likelihood of achieving a resolution.

    We will then recommend the best course of action and explain everything to you, before commencing the process to which you have agreed.

  2. How much do dispute resolution services cost?

    The final costs are heavily dependant on the type and the specific details of your dispute. Please get in touch with us and we can give you an estimate of our fees and other costs associated with the case.

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  3. What is alternative dispute resolution?

    Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a method used to avoid the expense of court. It’s an official scheme which is confidential and usually faster and cheaper. It involves appointing an independent, neutral third party who will work with the those in disagreement or look at the case and make a decision. 

  4. What is mediation for personal disputes?

    Conciliation and mediation are the less formal methods of ADR, where appointing an arbitrator or ombudsman is more official. If an independent arbitrator is appointed, they will make a decision about a case which is legally binding, and an ombudsman will investigate how a decision was made and has some legal powers to enforce a decision made on their findings.

    ADR is frequently used to settle consumer disputes, but also for issues with neighbours and family.

Why choose Wilkin Chapman?

A dispute can be extremely disruptive and emotionally draining but our understanding team works with you towards a swift conclusion, providing reliable, value-for-money advice – however straightforward or complex the issue.

We have your best interests at heart, whether you are making or defending a claim, and we’ll guide you through the options and legalities with reliable, accurate advice.

Nearly all the cases we deal with are settled without court proceedings, and we sometimes use other methods such as ADR and mediation. Court is always the last resort.

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