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Our technical expertise enables us to offer bespoke solutions to complex issues that provide you with absolute protection, now and in the future.


Your funeral wishes

To help you think about the type of funeral you would like, we have developed this questionnaire.

Generations of families trust our Wills, estates, tax & trusts to help plan for their future. We can assist you with everything from creating a Will, managing trusts, and tax planning, to probate and Court of Protection issues.

With a breadth of experience and excellent technical capabilities, our long-established and highly qualified team goes far beyond the basics, providing an expert, compassionate service to achieve the ultimate protection – for you, your loved ones, and your assets.

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Our services at a glance

Will writing services

Planning for the future is essential to ensure your loved ones are cared for when they are left behind. 

Our compassionate and forward-thinking solicitors can help you draft a Will that will reflect all your wishes and decide who is responsible for carrying them out. With their expert guidance, you can plan for all eventualities and ensure those close to you are provided for in the most tax-efficient way.

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Your funeral wishes

Documenting your wishes and other relevant information will save your family and loved ones from making tough decisions at such a difficult time.

To help you think about the type of funeral you would like, we have developed this questionnaire.

Probate guidance

Dealing with the loss of a relative or friend can be a stressful time and most people are unsure about what action to take.

At Wilkin Chapman, our experienced probate solicitors will handle the process with great sensitivity and help you through what can be a very upsetting and confusing time.

Tax, trusts, and estate planning

Tax, trusts, and estate planning are specialist areas of law that require expert advice.

Our Wills, estates, tax & trusts solicitors work with you to plan the best strategies to suit you and your family’s immediate and future requirements. We understand that estate planning can be very complex, so we aim to explain this in a simplified manner whilst looking to provide innovative solutions to achieve your goals.

Unusual for a law firm, we offer a professional trustee service. We will advise you on your role as a trustee or you can appoint us to act in your place. 

What can you expect from us at Wilkin Chapman?

Adopting a forward-thinking approach, our team is proactive in establishing workable structures for you and your family, now and in the future. We draw on the complementary skills of colleagues from across the firm to provide exceptional, all-encompassing service.

Our friendly and approachable team are committed to providing you with the best service which is dealt with sensitively and efficiently and in line with the latest legal developments.

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  1. STEP and SFE qualified

    Many of our Wills, estates, tax & trusts team are members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and members of The Association of Lifetime Lawyers (previously Solicitors For The Elderly). This means we have the skills and continuing professional development to ensure you receive the best possible advice.

  2. Court of Protection experts

    While our team plans for all eventualities, sometimes the unexpected happens.

    For those that have lost mental capacity or have a dependant with life planning needs, we work closely with our dedicated Court of Protection team to ensure your finances and wellbeing are dealt with as you would wish.

  3. Specialists in rural estates

    Our team is highly respected, particularly in the agriculture community. We work with many family farming businesses, where their land and property considerations require the skills of a specialist legal partner.

  4. Advice to businesses

    Our Wills, estates, tax & trusts solicitors frequently work with our corporate and commercial team to provide bespoke solutions for our business clients in respect of their personal matters. We can ensure that valuable tax reliefs are not lost and offer succession planning advice for the next generation.

  5. Contentious probate support

    The loss of a loved one is incredibly hard and issues relating to how their estate was managed or distributed can be even more difficult.

    If you have a friend or family member and feel like their estate hasn’t been properly handled by executors, attorneys, or professionals, our specialist contentious probate team can help with your claim.

Wills, estates, tax & trusts FAQs

We help clients plan for the future and resolve their probate issues every day.

Here are the most common questions we receive in regard to Wills, estates, tax & trust cases.

  1. Can I use a Will pack I’ve found online?

    Your Will sets out how you want your loved ones to be provided for and how your hard-earned assets are to be dealt with.  It is one of the most important legal documents you will draw up in your lifetime. 

    A DIY Will made online or using a pack is generally the cheapest option but could incur problems and even the risk of being declared invalid. Terms are often found to be ambiguous, or they may ineffectively dispose of your assets, leaving your estate open to intestacy rule (where the law determines who gets your assets), or having your assets pass in an unintended way.

    If you are interested in making a Will, be sure to get in touch with a legal expert for professional advice.

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  2. When should I make a Will?

    You can make a Will at any time, it is never ‘too early’.

    That said, many people draft a Will when they hit key milestones in life, such as when they buy a house, receive an inheritance, get married, enter into a civil partnership, or have children.

  3. I already have a Will – so do I need to do anything?

    Great! But it doesn’t stop there. We advise people to review their Wills every three to five years or when something substantial changes.

  4. Who do I have to leave my estate to?

    Unlike other countries, here in the UK, we do not have any ‘forced heirship’ rules. This means you can leave your estate to any person or organisation that you wish to.

    However, there are certain claims that can be made on an estate. Our team would discuss this with you, highlight any potential issues, and provide further legal advice in relation to potential claims if this is a concern for you.

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  5. Can I give to charity in my Will?

    You can leave a gift to any charity or organisation that you wish! In fact, leaving charitable gifts in your Will can help alleviate or eliminate the inheritance tax payable on your estate.

  6. How much does it cost to make a Will?

    Our charges depend on the level of advice you require, the complexity of your affairs and the resulting complexity of your Will. To discuss your personal circumstances and to receive a quote please contact our offices to speak to one of our team.

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