24 April 2024

Project management depends on documentation

Group looking over project documents

Whether in respect of large or smaller-scale projects, effective risk management is crucial to the success of individual projects in many different areas including completing on time, within budget and with full regulatory compliance.

Day-to-day project management will always be the first line of defence to achieving project outcomes, but such activities should be supported by well-drafted and clear contractual documentation which provides for a fair and clear risk balance for the parties involved.

In an ever more cost-conscious world, delivering projects in line with already constrained budgets is challenging. However, clarity from the outset as to which party bears the risk for issues such as unknown ground conditions, deficiencies in designs which underpin works, and supply chain issues or price increases will make it much easier to progress through such issues throughout the project.

Ensuring regular project meetings with a proper flow of information can also ease the management burden and having expectations set out in the contractual documentation from the start ensures all parties are aware of their role in supporting effective project management.

Health and safety, environmental and other regulatory compliance matters should be at the heart of successful project completion. Using contractual negotiation as a springboard to divide responsibility for such matters early in the project timeline avoids difficulties during the delivery stage.

Adam Ottley, Wilkin Chapman LLP
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