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Asbestos compensation claims

If you or a member of your family has been diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness, our expert asbestos solicitors can help you make an asbestos compensation claim. 

A diagnosis of an asbestos-related illness may come as a shock, however, our specialists understand the difficulties you and your family may face and will be there to support you every step of the way. We aim to not only advise and guide you through the legal process, but we will also signpost you to other non-legal services such as asbestos support groups and other services where necessary.

Our asbestos solicitors understand that no amount of money will change your diagnosis, but the compensation may provide options which otherwise would not be available, such as a non-NHS-funded treatment, the cost of care (whether that’s provided by friends and/or family or provided on a professional basis), adaptations to the home and many other losses which have been incurred as a direct result of your illness. Securing damages can provide financial security for you and your family going forward.

Why choose Wilkin Chapman?

We are experts in all areas of asbestos-related disease claims, meaning we have contacts with other experts (medical, engineering and specialist barristers) at the forefront of this field of work, thus ensuring supportive evidence is obtained in support of your claim.

We pride ourselves in providing a bespoke service and will always offer home visits wherever possible. We appreciate the difficulties you may face following your diagnosis and as such we look at your needs as a whole, signposting you to other non-legal services as necessary.

Legal fees

We operate on a 'no win no fee' basis.

If your case is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay our legal fees. If your case is successful we will seek to recover the legal costs from the defendant.

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Our case studies

Mr Z was 72 when he received a diagnosis of mesothelioma, a condition caused by exposure to asbestos. He was worried that the company responsible for his exposure no longer existed, however Mr Z's claim was successful and settled for £154,000.

Read Mr Z's story

After being diagnosed with mesothelioma, Mr D was given nine months to live. Our asbestos specialist solicitor settled the claim for £100,000, allowing Mr D to go on holiday one last time.

Read Mr D's story

Whilst working in the maintenance department at a law firm, Mr Y was diagnosed with mesothelioma. Mr Y had some reservations about bringing a claim. Once he understood that the claim was against his employer, but that their insurance would cover the cost of the damages he felt much more comfortable in pursuing the claim. The claim settled for £200,000.

Read Mr Y's story

Asbestos claims FAQs

  1. What is asbestos?

    Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibre that was widely used in the construction industry from the 1950s until the late 1990s due to its insulating and heat-resistant properties. It is still found today in many domestic and non-domestic premises, schools, and hospitals.

    The three types of asbestos fibres most commonly used in the UK were crocidolite (known as ‘blue asbestos’), amosite (known as ‘brown asbestos’) and chrysotile (known as white asbestos).

  2. Who can bring a claim and what will a claim achieve?

    If you (or your loved one) have been negligently exposed to asbestos either at work, or through washing the overalls of someone who was exposed to asbestos dust, and you have gone on to develop an asbestos-related disease, then you may be able to bring a successful claim to recover compensation. 

    There is also an amount recoverable for having the disease itself. The amount recoverable for the disease varies depending on a number of factors, and our asbestos solicitors will be able to advise you on this.

    Please refer to the disease specific pages for more bespoke details.

  3. I am very unwell and do not feel able to deal with bringing a legal claim – what should I do?

    We understand the disease well and recognise that patients may have many limitations. We therefore offer home visits wherever possible. 

    If you have a friend or relative who you would like to be the main point of contact throughout the process this can be arranged. 

    Our expert solicitors will deal with your case sensitively and without legal jargon. We will work hard to ensure your quality of life is the best it can be, and that your family’s financial future is secure.

    Our solicitors have extensive experience in investigating these claims and recovering compensation from those responsible.

  4. Can I make an asbestos claim on behalf of someone else?

    Yes, you can make an asbestos claim on behalf of someone else as a designated family member. In these circumstances, you can claim as a ‘litigation friend’.

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  5. Are there time limits for making an asbestos claim?

    You usually have three years from the time you were diagnosed to make an asbestos claim.

    If a loved one has died from an asbestos-related disease, you have three years from when you found out that asbestos was the cause.  

    Asbestos-related illnesses can take decades to develop, so it doesn’t matter how long ago the asbestos exposure took place. 

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  6. Can I claim for asbestos if my employer is no longer in business?

    If the company responsible for negligently exposing you to asbestos has ceased trading it is still possible to pursue a claim. This is a very common occurrence due to the protracted latency period of mesothelioma. 

    Our asbestos solicitors would ascertain if there was insurance in place at the time of the exposure and thereafter the insurer would be pursued.

  7. What if it transpires that my former employer who negligently exposed me to asbestos had no insurance?

    If your former employer did not have insurance in place at the time you were negligently exposed to asbestos then you may be able to bring a claim through the Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme.

    This scheme is designed to compensate people with Diffuse Mesothelioma who, either negligently or in breach of statutory duty, were exposed to asbestos by their employers, and who are unable to bring a claim for compensation against that employer or that employer's Employers' Liability insurer.

    Should a sufferer of mesothelioma pass away, the scheme can also make payments to their eligible dependents.

  8. What if I do not know where I was exposed to asbestos?

    Our asbestos solicitors have in depth knowledge of the environments and working practices which commonly cause asbestos exposure. Even if you do not know where or how you were exposed to asbestos our specialists will take a detailed employment history from you to try and piece together where the exposure is likely to have occurred.

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  9. How much compensation can you claim for an asbestos-related illness?

    How much compensation you receive for an asbestos-related illness will depend on a few different factors. These include your personal circumstances and the type of illness developed. 

    If your spouse, long-term partner or parent dies from an asbestos-related condition, you may be able to claim as a ‘dependent’ to account for their loss of income.

  10. What happens if I die before the conclusion of the claim?

    If you were to die before your claim is settled then the claim can be brought on behalf of your estate.

    If you need advice in respect of making a Will, our specialist team of lawyers will be able to advise you.

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