28 March 2024

1 million ‘at risk’ Brits could benefit from Lasting Powers of Attorney

Woman wrapping arm round elderly mother

Only 24% of UK adults have discussed Lasting Powers of Attorney with family, despite diagnoses of dementia expected to surpass 1.1 million by 2030. We’re urging families to take action to protect their family and their assets in the event of becoming mentally incapacitated - with a staggering 76% believed to be currently at risk. 

Shanneece Eyre, who recently joined our Lincoln office, is highlighting the importance of embedding clear legal safeguards by establishing Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA).

An LPA grants individuals the legal right to make decisions on behalf of those who are mentally incapacitated or impaired - which can happen as a result of an accident or worsening medical conditions, such as dementia or Alzheimer's.

Figures from research conducted by YouGov and wealth asset management firm Quilter found that just 24% of UK adults had discussed implementing an LPA with family - leaving over three-quarters open to facing legal challenges if mentally unfit to make their own choices.

With diagnosed cases of dementia in the UK expected to surpass 1.1 million in the next six years, according to figures from Dementia UK, Shanneece stresses that all UK adults should consider having Lasting Powers of Attorney in place. 

Shanneece Eyre, solicitor, said:

“Establishing a Lasting Powers of Attorney is vital for all adults, especially with medical conditions like dementia on the rise in the UK. People must place real thought into who they can trust and nominate them to become their ‘attorney’ should the worst happen as failing to do so could leave them at risk of legal problems.

“This is something I’m incredibly passionate about because it can affect everyone. Illness and accidents don’t discriminate, so we must all make sure ourselves, our friends and families are protected. That may mean some potentially uncomfortable conversations, but if it increases awareness of LPAs and their critical importance, I think that is a small price to pay for lasting peace of mind.”

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