Ellise Howden

Department Dispute Resolution

About Ellise

Ellise Howden is a paralegal in the dispute resolution team based in our Grimsby office.

The bulk of her work consists of residential landlord disputes. She regularly takes instructions relating to evictions, rent arrears, and disrepair claims. She also helps to draft tenancy agreements for her clients.

Outside of residential dispute, from time-to-time, Ellise assists in commercial property disputes between landlords and tenants. Furthermore, she takes instructions to prepare change of name deeds.

She is currently completing the CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ) exams, a three-stage qualification which will make her a Chartered Legal Executive.

Key specialisms

Possession claims

The majority of cases she deals with are on behalf of residential landlords who wish to seek possession of their property. The landlords she acts on behalf of vary from those with a single property to those with several properties who instruct her regularly.

She typically deals with cases were a landlord wishes to evict their tenant due to them being troublesome, often due to failure to pay rent. Regardless of the reason for eviction, Ellise aims to make the process as simple as possible as she is aware it can be a stressful and expensive time for some landlords.

She helps in serving relevant eviction notices, either a section 8 notice where a tenant has breached the tenancy or a section 21 notice where there is no fault. If the tenant fails to vacate the property, she assists the team in issuing court proceedings for a possession order. Ellise and the team have an exceptional success rate in securing possession of their client’s property throughout their cases.

Rent arrears and disrepair

Many of her clients wish to evict their tenant due to failure to pay rent. Ellise can therefore assist these landlords by claiming rent arrears within possession proceedings. She is able to advise on potential enforcement options available to recover the debt.

Another common issue for landlords is finding that the tenant has left the property in a state of disrepair once possession is obtained. Ellise and the team assist landlords by serving letters of claim to recover costs involved with remedying the damage. If the tenant fails to pay the costs incurred, the team then assist in issuing court proceedings based on this debt on behalf of their client.

Commercial property disputes

Ellise works closely to assist Siobahn Sylvester in commercial property matters. This works regularly sees her serving notice, issuing court proceedings, and advising on recovering rent arrears and disrepair costs. However, the processes and law for commercial property disputes do vary.

Change of name deeds

Ellise occasionally prepares change of name deeds for clients wishing to change their names. She receives these instructions from all types of clients including young, old, and even parents instructing on behalf of their children under the age of 18.

People require a deed poll for a variety of reasons, although she finds this service is popular for those that need the legal document to update identification documents. Although a simple process, Ellise finds it can mean a great deal to her clients. She therefore ensures that she always approaches these matters with the uttermost respect and care.

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