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What is a slip, trip, or fall claim?

If you have been injured by a slip, trip, or fall, you might be eligible to claim compensation for the pain and effect it has had on your life.

The majority of slip, trip, or fall claims come following accidents in public, including shops, supermarkets, parks, or uneven or poorly maintained pavements and roads. The claim will be brought against the establishment responsible, whether that be a private company or the local council. 

If you have had a slip, trip, or fall at work, please contact our accidents at work solicitors who can help you make a claim.

Accidents in public Accidents at work

Common reasons for slip, trip, & fall claims

  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Uneven flooring
  • Cracked, wobbly, or uneven pavements
  • Unexpected obstacles
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Faulty escalators or lifts

What to do when you’ve had a slip, trip or fall

If you have a slip, trip, or fall, seek medical attention immediately. Report the incident to the owner of the public premises or local authority, if possible, as soon as possible.

While these incidences are often sudden and unexpected, you or a loved one must gather and save as much evidence as you can before contacting our personal injury team.

To make a slip, trip, or fall claim, it's important to make sure you can prove that your slip, trip, or fall occurred due to someone else's negligence.

  1. Take photographs of the scene

  2. Take photographs of your injuries

  3. Get contact details of any witnesses

  4. Gather details of any medical treatment you receive and when

  5. Note any CCTV cameras that may aid your case

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Making a slip, trip, or fall claim

Your claim starts with a free, no obligation consultation call to establish the facts of your accident and assess the likely outcome of your case.

If we think you have a viable slip and trip compensation claim, we’ll talk you through our ‘no win, no fee’ funding scheme and ask for your consent to proceed.

From there, we will conduct an investigation into your injury and build evidence for your case. We will gather expert medical evidence and determine how much compensation you may be entitled to. We will also ask you if you have had to take any time off work, how much, any loss of earnings, and any adaptions you've had to make to your daily routine.

We’ll then support you through the next stages of the claim. In some circumstances, we will also help you access the appropriate rehabilitation, support, and care that you need to recover.

How to make a claim

  1. Request a FREE no obligation consultation call

  2. Establish ‘no win, no fee’ funding options

  3. Investigate your accident and gather medical evidence

  4. Assess your compensation for a holiday injury claim

  5. Settle the claim in or out of court

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Slips, trips, & falls FAQs

If you or a loved one has had a slip, trip, or fall, you may be entitled to compensation.

Here are our commonly asked questions about making a public liability claim for a personal injury.

  1. How long do I have to make a claim?

     You usually have three years from the date of your accident to make a claim. The time frame is longer for children, those who lack mental capacity, and fatal accidents.

    There are further exceptions to this rule, so you should contact us as soon as possible to see if you can make a personal injury claim.

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  2. Who can I claim against for a slip, trip or fall?

    If you are in a public place, it is the responsibility of the owner to make sure it is safe, therefore, if you have suffered an injury, they are responsible.

    These can include:

    • Supermarket or shopping centre

    • Council or local authority

    • Private business

    • School

  3. Will I have to go to court?

    Whilst we have to investigate and prepare cases as if they are going to a trial, the vast majority of cases do not reach that far - either because our investigations demonstrate that there is not a viable claim or some form of compromise is reached.

    A trial is an absolute last resort, and in most cases, even where liability is denied, resolve before a trial takes place.

  4. How much compensation will I get for my slip, trip, or fall claim?

    How much compensation you receive for a slip, trip, or fall injury depends entirely on the extent of your injuries, the pain, and suffering caused and loss of earnings.

  5. What if I’ve had a slip, trip, or fall at work?

    You can claim if you have suffered from a slip, trip, or fall at work, however, this would come under accidents at work as your employer has a legal duty of care to keep you safe.

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