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Whilst most of the time surgery is successful at resolving a problem, sometimes things don’t go the way that they should have done, leading to serious complications.

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What is surgery negligence?

Surgery negligence occurs when a surgeon or medical professional provides substandard care either before, during or after an operation which leaves you with otherwise avoidable consequences.

Your surgery and care should meet certain standards and if you have experienced inadequate care leaving you with avoidable problems, you should be compensated.

Types of surgery negligence claims

  • Delay in surgery

  • Incomplete surgery

  • Severe nerve damage

  • Foreign objects left in the body

  • Damage to surrounding organs

  • Poor post-operative management

  • An inappropriate surgery being performed

Making a surgery negligence claim

If negligence has occurred in connection with your surgery, you could be eligible for compensation.

To successfully bring a claim you will need to prove that your surgeon or medical professional did not meet the correct standards of care and caused an otherwise avoidable injury. This will come from independent expert evidence based on the records, radiology images and your recollection.

Be mindful that there is generally a three-year time limit to make a surgery negligence claim. This date is taken from the date of surgery or knowledge of that negligence. There are however some exceptions, including surgery involving children, surgery involving a death, or surgery resulting in severe brain damage.

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How our specialist solicitors can help

Our strong regional reputation has been built over years of successfully supporting people to rebuild their lives through compensation and providing access to ongoing support and rehabilitation. You’re in safe hands with us.

Complications with surgery can have devastating effects not just on the patient but on their family. Our expert solicitors understand the sensitivity and can help guide you through the claims process for surgery negligence.

Our expert medical negligence solicitors can help you claim compensation if you have suffered due to surgery negligence from the NHS, private hospitals, or clinics.

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Surgery negligence FAQs

We receive lots of questions about surgery negligence and mistakes.

Here are some commonly asked questions about the claims process and what to expect.

  1. Can I make a surgery negligence claim on behalf of a loved one?

    Yes, it is possible to make a surgery negligence claim on behalf of someone else if they are unable to do so themselves.

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  2. How much compensation can I claim for a surgical error?

    The amount of compensation you might receive from a surgery claim depends on the nature or extent of your injury and the impact it has on you.

    Each case is different, but it would include looking broadly at two main areas:

    • General damages: compensation for the pain, suffering, and loss of amenity caused by negligence

    • Special damages: compensation for the financial losses arising from the negligence

  3. Can I make a surgery negligence claim following a cosmetic surgery?

    As with any type of surgery, surgeons who carry out cosmetic procedures have a duty of care to meet reasonable standards. If you have experienced negligence due to cosmetic surgery, contact our expert solicitors to see if we can help you make a claim.

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