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Holiday accident claims

Suffering an accident abroad doesn’t only ruin your holiday, it can also have devastating life-long effects for you and your family. If you have suffered an injury on holiday, you may be entitled to holiday accident compensation.

From an accident at an airport to falling from a balcony, our expert solicitors have a vast depth of experience across a wide range of claims. Adept in dealing with matters both abroad and in the UK, they support you every step of the way to get the outcome you deserve.

Types of holiday injury claims

  • Airport injury

  • Fall from a balcony

  • Slips in the hotel

  • Accident whilst on an excursion

  • Water sport injuries

  • Accident on plane

Making a claim for an accident abroad

If you’ve experienced an accident in an airport or on holiday, you can still make a holiday injury claim when you return home. Our personal injury lawyers are on hand to guide you through the holiday accident claim process.

Your claim starts with a free, no obligation consultation call to establish the facts of your holiday accident and assess the likely outcome of your case. If we think you have a viable holiday compensation claim, we’ll talk you through our ‘no win, no fee’ funding scheme and ask for your consent to proceed.

From there, we will conduct an investigation into your holiday accident and build evidence for your case. Talking to parties abroad on your behalf including hotels, attraction operators, and tourists who may have witnessed the injury, we will gather expert medical evidence and determine how much holiday compensation you may be entitled to.

We’ll then support you through the next stages of the claim, from deciding which jurisdiction to complete the claim in, to negotiating settlement agreements out of court or assisting with court proceedings. In some circumstances, we will also help you to access the appropriate rehabilitation, support, and care that you need to recover.

How to make a claim for accidents on holiday

  1. Request a FREE no obligation consultation call

  2. Establish ‘no win, no fee’ funding options

  3. Investigate your accident abroad and gather medical evidence

  4. Assess your compensation for a holiday injury claim

  5. Settle the claim in or out of court

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Accidents abroad FAQs

We receive lots of questions about holiday claims and accidents abroad.

Here are some commonly asked questions about the claims process and what to expect.

  1. What should I do if I have an accident abroad?

    If you have an airport accident or accident abroad, seek medical attention immediately. Report the incident to your holiday representative or travel agent, as well as the relevant authorities.

    Gather and save as much evidence as you can before contacting our personal injury team as soon as possible.

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  2. What evidence do I need for holiday accident claim?

    Keep any photos of the scene and your injuries, as well as the contact information of any witnesses.

    If you are in a country that requires you to pay for healthcare, either out of pocket or though insurance, keep a record of all your treatment costs. It’s also important to keep a record of any travel expenses, such as public transport, parking, or booking alternative flights home as this can be used in your compensation claim.

  3. How long do I have to claim for an accident that happened while on holiday?

    For accidents that occur in the UK, you typically have up to three years from the date the accident occurred to make the claim. Please be aware, however, where you have had an accident in the air or at sea, you may only have two years to claim. Further, in other countries, the time limits for making a holiday injury claim can vary and may be much shorter.

    That’s why it’s essential to get in touch and start a claim as soon as possible. Talking to our travel accident experts today to begin the compensation process.

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  4. How much accident abroad compensation can I expect?

    The amount of compensation you can claim for depends on a variety of factors.

    For example, the severity of your injuries, any psychological trauma caused by the accident abroad, loss of enjoyment, loss of current or future earnings, and whether you need rehabilitative care and support.

  5. What is loss of enjoyment of holiday in a personal injury claim?

    Loss of enjoyment of holiday means that you can claim damages if your personal injury affects your holiday. Damages may be claimed for the physical inconvenience, discomfort, and mental distress of a ruined holiday.

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