Alison Boffey

Senior Solicitor
Department Disputes

About Alison

Office location: Wilkin Chapman, Grimsby


Alison joined Wilkin Chapman’s Dispute Resolution team in early 2019, having completed her training contract in litigation at a city-based firm in Manchester. She also spent time as a Court Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service based in London.

With a varied and extensive client base, Alison chose Wilkin Chapman above other regional law firms when relocating to the region due to our high calibre of work and internal working practises, working alongside specialists in their fields.

With a background in civil litigation and significant expertise within the insurance sector, Alison derives great satisfaction from working with clients to understand their business models and internal processes. This allows her to assist in, not only reaching satisfactory outcomes, but to offer commercial advice for the future.

“In some incidences, the law may be only a small part of what I handle on a day-to-day basis, as I see a real value in discovering more about a particular business and using that knowledge to help it move forward. I will get to know you and your business as I understand whilst sometimes it is, court isn’t always the answer,” explains Alison.

Key specialisms

High complexity

When a business was left with thousands of pounds of debt owed to it, we were determined to challenge the issues that had led to lack of recovery. This dispute has been through the High Court, the Court of Appeal and now reached an application to the Supreme Court. Alison has assisted in every stage and element of the involved and hugely complex case, which involves the priority status of competing Writs of Control;

Large case size

When another client became embroiled in a compensation claim involving the £1m compulsory purchase of land, Alison was heavily involved in a reference to the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chambers). Again, this represents a determined effort to ensure the client wins a satisfactory resolution;

Time critical

Urgent injunction applications or trespasser possession proceedings are becoming more common and Alison and the team has worked with specialist colleagues to ensure the correct, timely and most efficient advice is given;

Property disputes

These can be frequent and varied and can involve claims under the TLATA (The Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act), unpaid service charges, boundary disputes and possession proceedings. Alison has assisted in all of these;

Construction disputes

Typically involving unpaid invoices and debts can be extremely costly and even break a business. Alison has worked to ensure that such owned monies are recovered for clients quickly and also advised on measures that her clients could adopt to prevent such problems occurring again;

Contractual disputes

Clients have come to us with a variety of contractual disputes when, for example, they have encountered faulty industrial machinery, fuel contamination, IT failures and alleged void contracts;

Personnel disputes

These can include consumer rights, loan agreements, unpaid debts, unjust enrichment, small claims track matters and appeals following litigation in person. Alison has either led or assisted in many such cases and again, will also offer advice to the client that affords the best outcome, both in terms of time and money.

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