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We have nearly 400 partners and staff located across Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, providing a unique balance of trusted legal and insolvency advice.

Meet our team

Jaye Addison Solicitor Grimsby
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Nick Alstrom, Wilkin Chapman LLP
Nick Alstrom Solicitor Grimsby
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Martha Baker Solicitor Lincoln
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Alishia Bingham Solicitor Beverley
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Charlotte Boyes, Wilkin Chapman LLP
Charlotte Boyes Solicitor Beverley
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Adam Burton, Wilkin Chapman LLP
Adam Burton Solicitor Lincoln
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Brittany Codling, Wilkin Chapman LLP
Brittany Codling Solicitor Beverley
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Headshot of Lily-Rose Darwood
Lily-Rose Darwood Solicitor Grimsby
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Laura Derbyshire, Wilkin Chapman LLP
Laura Derbyshire Solicitor Beverley
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Sarah Diak Solicitor Beverley
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Shanneece Eyre Solicitor Lincoln
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Hannah Gamble, Wilkin Chapman LLP
Hannah Gamble Solicitor Grimsby
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