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How Your Lockdown Exercise Threatens the Farming Community

19 January 2021

Whilst we are restricted to staying local, most are taking the opportunity to get back to nature and visit England’s green and pleasant countryside as a safe, open, public space.

However, most people remain unaware of the harm dogs can inflict on livestock, or indeed their legal responsibility to keep dogs under control and on a lead whilst in a field.

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The Hazards of Winter Motoring and How to Avoid Them

15 January 2021

Two vehicles were stolen in Louth, Lincolnshire this week. They had both been started and left to defrost on the roadside by their owners – incidents that highlight just one of the possible pitfalls of winter motoring. Wilkin Chapman Partner, Steve Hennegan, our Personal Injury specialist, looks at how to keep you, others, and your vehicles safe at this time of year.

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What is Insolvency?

13 January 2021

Insolvency is when an individual or company is not able to pay its debts or expenses as they fall due for payment. Company insolvency or Corporate insolvency means that a company’s liabilities (debts) are greater than its assets or the company cannot pay its bills whether that is tax or VAT due to HMRC or payments to supplier or salaries to employees.

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A Guide to the Building Safety Bill 2020

09 December 2020

The Building Safety Bill is one part of the Government’s proposed response to the Grenfell tragedy.

The Government has already banned some materials and provided funds towards the cost of removing unsafe cladding. New blocks of flats over 11m high will have to have sprinkler systems.

If enacted, the Bill will play its part by creating systems and responsibilities designed to help make sure nothing like Grenfell can happen again. It will probably become law in 2021 and into effect by 2023-4.

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Unfair Prejudicial Conduct by Shareholders and The Impact of Coronavirus

26 November 2020

As the country returns to work following lockdown, companies are having to adapt to the new normal as they implement social distancing measures and learn to work in new and flexible ways.

Some companies will not be able to go on. Others will, but will have to adapt in order to prosper. For most, business strategies and plans will need to be reconsidered at management level.

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