24 October 2023

Diversification: could a new holiday business help to protect your farm’s future?

Sarah Elizabeth Kemp Partner & Head of Tourism and Leisure
Motorhomes at holiday park by river

At a time when the public has grown a greater appreciation for the countryside, local food, and new activities, many farmers and landowners are increasingly looking to diversify and invest in camping and glamping to create a new revenue stream for their business.

The holiday park and glamping industry is an increasingly competitive market and customer expectation is high. However, getting it right doesn’t have to be about an extensive budget - quirky and rustic facilities are popular in this market but guest requirements must be catered for. Considering who your target customers are and how much you are prepared to invest in such a project is a key first step.

It’s highly likely that you’ll be changing the use of your land, so in most cases, planning permission will be needed, although new regulations introduced to assist with the COVID-19 recovery, now allow farmers and landowners to operate a temporary tented campsite without planning permission for up to 60 days per year. Specific licences may also be required depending on the type of accommodation business you’d like to start.

Factors such as siting, access routes, visual impact on the surrounding landscape and water management can affect the success of a planning application and are vital considerations to be aware of at the beginning, but if you can demonstrate that your glamping or camping business will generate benefits (economic, environmental, social) this should help with gaining planning approval.

Our specialist tourism and leisure team has extensive experience in all aspects of the development and expansion of holiday parks and can provide expert advice to help with each stage of your diversification, from the initial planning and development stage to the corporate structure of your business, commercial property issues and complying with park legislation. If you are considering diversifying, then contact us to find out more.

Sarah Elizabeth Kemp, Wilkin Chapman LLP
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