Family, Children & Divorce

Family life can be stressful and we understand how certain family events, whether under your control or not, can have a major impact on your life.

In the event of a relationship breakdown, our local family law solicitors can help you with divorce, separation and child care issues. We can provide you with a variety of solutions for resolving your problems, including family mediation, collaborative law, divorce and a fixed fee divorce.

Our specialist local family law solicitors and advisors listen with patience and empathy, only suggesting positive resolutions that will help you and your family make the right decisions for your future.

We focus on the least disruptive course of action, particularly when children are involved. Our mediation and collaborative law services cover all areas of family matters, so no matter what your query, we can help you resolve it by providing advice on:

  • Divorce and Finance
  • Fixed Fee Divorce
  • Judicial Separation
  • Mediation
  • Cohabitation
  • Private Children Matters
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Civil Partnership Disputes
  • Domestic Violence

At Wilkin Chapman, we understand the difficulties that families experience and the impact they can have on everyone concerned, adults and children alike.

If you are struggling please get in touch, our team of expert family law solicitors in Lincoln, Alford, Beverley, Louth and Grimsby is on hand to provide you with the support and advice to make the best decisions for you and your family.

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Family Mediation Solicitors

When relationships break down it can be difficult for couples to communicate and talk to each other. If children are involved, it is particularly important for parents and family members to cooperate with each other. Family mediation can help you through this difficult time and help you work out mutually acceptable arrangements for your children, property and finances. Through the mediation process, we can help you clarify issues and reach a solution which is both fair and workable, and which causes the minimum amount of conflict or stress. Our team of expert and qualified mediation lawyers can also help with financial settlements following a relationship breakdown.

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Powers of Attorney

We all have the right to manage our own money and affairs. However, our ability to do this may decrease in later life due to illness, disability, or an accident. By making a Lasting Power of Attorney (also known as LPA) you can help to plan ahead by appointing a member of your family, or a trusted friend, to look after your finances or make welfare decisions on your behalf should you no longer be able to do so. Our team of expert solicitors will be able to advise you on and help prepare your Lasting Powers of Attorney.

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The administration of estates, involves dealing with your affairs after your death. The 'estate' is made up of your property and any other assets you may have when you die, and probate is the legal document which gives the executors the authority to deal with a person's assets after their death. Our probate specialists will handle the winding up of your estate with great sensitivity and are able to help your family and friends through what can be a very upsetting and confusing time.

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Wills, Estates, Tax & Trusts

One of the certainties of life is that it changes and you can never be sure of what the future holds. However, you can take steps to plan for a deal with the changes that life may bring along the way. Our team of expert lawyers have been helping and advising clients how to best plan for their future for over 25 years and provide advice on all aspects of wills, trusts, inheritance tax and probate.

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