20 December 2023

Field of agreements: will you let them in?

Football goal post

The scenario

The school has been approached by a local under 12’s football club who want to rent the school field and changing rooms twice a week.

  • Check the terms of your lease (if you have one) to see whether you’re allowed to let others occupy your grounds and/or buildings

  • Agree clear terms for payment, the length of time the arrangement is needed and any appropriate operating hours

  • Get legal advice – some lettings can become protected and it can be difficult to remove a tenant

What to watch

  • Don’t let them in without obtaining any relevant consents first – this could be needed from the DfE, the local authority as your landlord, or both, depending on your academy status and whether or not you own the freehold to the school land

  • They need to be obliged to comply with standard lease/licence terms, so don’t allow them to use your site without anything in writing          

  • Make sure they are obliged (in writing) to comply with your safeguarding policies

  • You might need to notify your insurers – check your policy conditions

Emma Ellinor, Wilkin Chapman LLP
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