11 March 2024

Showcasing our successes for National Conveyancing Week

Claire Parker-Robson Partner & Head of Domestic Property
Conveyancing team at Wilkin Chapman

National Conveyancing Week is a time to celebrate the driving force behind the process of buying and selling residential property. This week is all about raising awareness of what conveyancers do during the home moving process, tirelessly ensuring smooth transactions for homeowners.

Conveyancers can sometimes be undervalued, unappreciated, and misunderstood. This is often as a result of a lack of understanding about the conveyancing process. A week which promotes the educating of our fellow stakeholders on what we do is therefore welcomed. 

I’m very proud of our conveyancing team and the great work we do on behalf of our diverse range of clients which includes homeowners, developers, investors, landlords and more. Here, we shine the spotlight on the vital role they play and the invaluable contributions they make to fulfilling the dreams of countless individuals and families.

Helping a local property investor make informed decisions

When you’re purchasing property, it’s important that you’re fully aware of the risks, and legal implications of the property you’ll be taking on - and changes in the law can make all the difference.

Our team of experts work closely with a local investor who is building his property portfolio in the area. We assist the investor with a variety of transactions, including freehold, leasehold and auction purchases.

Typically, the investor will provide us with initial instructions and complete the due diligence. Due to their busy schedule, the client appreciates having a hands-off approach so, most of the time, they are happy for us to run with a transaction on their behalf trusting that we will push the legal process forward, providing them with regular advice and updates on its progress. 

Recently, the team has advised the investor in relation to a leasehold property purchase that would be affected by new legislation. Despite the complexity of the new legislation, we provided clear and concise guidance regarding the impact the legislation would have on the property and how this could affect its future marketability.

This advice enabled our client to understand the position and make an informed decision regarding their investment. 

Providing a personal service to a long-standing client

Our team acts for a property developer in connection with various purchases and sales of residential properties.

Through their companies, the client purchases development land through Wilkin Chapman which they use to build residential developments with between 10 and 40 homes. 

As well as helping them purchase the land, our team also supports the sale of each home which can be extremely complex when preparing new build sales packs and drafting the contract and transfer to create new land registry titles.

Our client prefers a personal service, so we tend to speak with them regularly to discuss the progress of their transactions and keep them very well informed. This helps them to stay fully abreast of their property transactions, knowing that everything is being taken care of.

Conveyancing and probate

We regularly assist executors who need to sell a property because its former owner has passed away. Families and next of kin often find the process of selling a loved one’s home to be difficult but our conveyancing experts work closely with colleagues who specialise in Wills and probate to make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible for our clients.

We are also proud to provide conveyancing services on behalf of a large firm that specialises in Wills and probate that has little in-house knowledge of property law. Our team provides conveyancing services for all property transactions on their behalf - including sales, probate transfers and lease extensions. As many of their clients have little or no family, we regularly deal with lost deed applications and first registrations, which can make things more complex.

With homes carrying so much emotional significance, we take great care over every transaction, helping to make even the most complicated sale go smoothly.

Final thoughts

Selling or buying property can be complex and the motivations for the transaction can be very diverse.

Here at Wilkin Chapman, we take care of everything. Our clients appreciate our swift yet diligent approach - and we love hearing their positive feedback. 

While conveyancers can sometimes be undervalued, that’s not the case with our many clients and their families who continue to rely on our team again and again. We feel extremely lucky to work with such a great bunch of estate agents, financial advisers, mortgage advisors, referrers and clients and we are very thankful for their support and appreciation.

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Claire Parker-Robson, Wilkin Chapman LLP
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