27 February 2024

Government launches public consultation for Awaab’s Law

Siobahn Sylvester Senior Associate
Black mould in corner of condensed window

The government has unveiled new measures to crack down on mould growth in social housing.

Named Awaab’s Law, the proposals are in response to the heartbreaking death of two year old Awaab Ishak who died as a result of respiratory issues caused by mould. 

What is Awaab’s Law?

Awaab Ishak passed away in 2020 due to ‘extensive’ black mould exposure in his home. Awaab’s father had reported the mould to their housing authority three years prior and had launched legal action against them in the months before Awaab’s death, but no repairs had been carried out.

The proposed law would require landlords to guarantee that properties are mould-free and provide adequate ventilation for tenants.

If any health or safety concerns are ignored, landlords could face severe penalties. with unlimited fines for those failing to comply.

Social housing landlords would be obliged to proactively prevent any future mould growth and address any existing issues that may be present within their properties, however, this would only apply to the social housing sector, and not private rentals at present.

The government’s new consultation, explained

Under the proposals, social landlords would have to investigate any hazards within 14 days of them being reported by the tenant. They must then start fixing the problems within a further seven days. If any emergency repairs are needed, these must be carried out within 24 hours. Any landlords that fail to comply could potentially face legal action, including orders to compensate tenants financially.

In a move to try to prevent delays and encourage prompt rectification of unsafe living conditions that could lead to significant harm, landlords would also have to maintain clear, detailed records that demonstrate their efforts to meet the new deadlines .

The consultation on Awaab’s Law will be open until 5th March 2024. Details on how to respond can be found here.

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