12 December 2023

Care fee debt cleared for client who lost mental capacity

Chantal Ul Haq-Weedon Senior Associate
Man in care home being assisted by nurse

There are many struggles when it comes to losing mental capacity and keeping on top of finances is just one of them – especially when new care fees are added to the mix. A Deputyship Order is an excellent tool for getting professional help to deal with your financial affairs.

A recent example of this involved an older gentleman who had always lived independently in his own home. He was later placed into a care home on an emergency basis which subsequently became a permanent placement.

He had no one that was able or willing to support him with his financial affairs. This resulted in him accruing significant care fee debt, of which his cash assets did not fully cover.

Without professional support, his debt would have continued to accrue. This would have made it difficult for the care home, as a business, to continue supporting his needs.

After being appointed as professional deputies and being granted access to the gentleman’s finances, our Court of Protection team was able to clear as much care fee debt as possible. They entered into a deferred payment agreement with the local authority on his behalf, ensuring that the care home continued to receive their care fees in full until his property was sold.

Chantal Ul Haq-Weedon, head of the Court of Protection team, said:

“Here at Wilkin Chapman, we are committed to helping our clients secure their placements in care by managing their finances in an appropriate manner.”

Chantal Ul Haq-Weedon, Wilkin Chapman LLP
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