20 November 2018

Common causes of motorcycle accidents

Though there are many factors that affect road casualty numbers, it is important to know the main reasons for motorcycle accidents and how to prevent them.

Whilst motorcyclists amount to just 1% of overall traffic, motorcycle accidents account for 19% of all road accidents. According to GovUK, the majority of motorcyclists use minor and rural roads, particularly in Lincolnshire.

Motorcyclists can ensure safer journeys by being prepared, servicing their bikes regularly, wearing protective gear and being extra vigilant at junctions. Drivers should always expect to see motorcyclists and take care to prevent collisions with all types of vulnerable road users.


If you’ve been involved in an accident resulting in injury, our specialist team are here to support your recovery and get you back on your bike. To find out more, click here. Banner by Rhianna at Thanet Primary School.

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