03 January 2018

Will the festivities add to your relationship woes

The first full working day of January has become known as ‘divorce day’ in some circles, such is the rush to start official separation proceedings. Solicitor James Marsden highlights the importance of professional advice if you're considering divorce or separation.

It is often thought that tensions surrounding Christmas, festive expense and long periods of time spent together can be a toxic mix for troubled couples, who eventually find they have had enough. While this is undoubtedly the case, there is also evidence that some will have planned a separation before Christmas – but not acting upon the decision until after the ‘happy’ family celebrations.

Whether pre-planned or not, it is extremely important that both parties in the unhappy situation are equipped with the correct information on the right way forward – be it about any children involved, the financial aspects of separation or a domestic housing situation.

Finances are a big part of any decision, and for some the fear over what may happen can cause extreme anxiety – on top of the stress that is already present. However, there are financial aspects you may not be aware of such as the fact that both parties may well be entitled to benefit from a husband or wife’s individual pension. While talking about these extremely personal situations can be uncomfortable, such conversations must be had, and they are certainly best had with professionals.

Our experienced specialist legal advisors offer a free 30 minute consultation before any commitment is made to work with us. We will listen with patience and care and help you resolve issues in the best possible way, whether it is to pursue a divorce or to resolve matters more amicably through collaborative law, mediation or arbitration. Whatever your approach, we will help you make the right decisions for your future.

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