Life can be unpredictable and can take you in many different directions which is why you need a law firm you can depend on to provide you a solid foundation for your future. At Wilkin Chapman solicitors, we have been helping and advising clients on their private matters for over 100 years.

Planning for your future

Our expert solicitors can help you with everything from moving house or making a will through to managing trusts and tax planning. We are there to safeguard your wishes and support you through those big moments in your life.

Agriculture law

Farming and owning land can come with all kinds of personal legal issues, including wills and probate, trusts, family matters, veterinary negligence and equine law… read more

Armed forces, military and courts martial

Our experienced team of lawyers can advise on all aspects of forces law, including military injury, Courts Martial, house purchases, wills, employment law, family and divorce issues… read more

Criminal defence and regulatory

Facing criminal charges or being part of a criminal investigation is a daunting experience for anyone. Whatever your situation we’re dedicated to offering a discreet and professional service on a range of criminal offences… read more

Employment law

If you are worried about your job, feel you have been treated unfairly, have been made redundant or have a grievance, our specialist team of lawyers and Human Resource advisors will provide you with the help and advice you need.… read more

Family, children and divorce

Family life can be stressful and we understand how certain family events, whether under your control or not, can have a major impact on your life… read more

Firearms licensing

If you own a firearm, the law surrounding its ownership, use and licensing is complex… read more

Landlord and tenant

Renting out property is an excellent investment and you may even have chosen it as a supplementary pension. However, from time to time you could experience unavoidable problems with your tenants… read more

Medical negligence

When you need advice on medical negligence our specialist lawyers will guide you through the claims procedure to make sure you receive the best compensation for what went wrong… read more

Moving Home

Moving home can be exciting for you, but it can also be stressful, confusing and complicated. This is something that our team of property solicitors is well aware of, which is why our whole process has been organised and simplified to give you one thing less to worry about… read more

Personal disputes

In an ideal world, disputes and litigation would never arise. However, you know as well as we do that they pop up from time to time, and we’re here with the skills and services required to resolve matters as swiftly as possible… read more

Personal injury and accidents

If you’re the victim of an accident in the workplace or a public space, through no fault of your own and with an injury sustained as a direct result of a business organisation, landowner or authority failing to meet health and safety measures, you may be eligible to claim compensation… read more

Wills, estates, tax and trusts

Many people think that a will doesn’t need to be made until later life. However, wills are usually inexpensive yet vital in the management of your affairs should the unforeseen happen… read more

Personal Services
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