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Safeguarding you and your farm’s future with clear and well-defined documentation, will lead to certainty for future generations and security for your farming business.

Wilkin Chapman agriculture sector

We have designed a survey for you to self-appraise the current state of your business and personal life.

It will take you a few minutes to complete and you will receive a full report on the issues you need to address with the opportunity to book a FREE health check with one of our specialist solicitors.

NFU members* who subscribe to the NFU Legal Assistance Scheme (LAS) can apply for up to £1,000 towards four sets of instructions generated by the Legal Health Check Service (i.e. 4 x £250.00).

NFU LAS members can also receive the following contributions from the NFU**:

  • Contract Checking: Up to £1,000 towards a maximum of four contracts checked under the NFU Contract Checking Service (i.e. 4 x £250.00).

  • Public Rights of Way: Up to £250 towards the costs incurred from seeking professional advice with regards to new public rights of way and in making section 31(6) applications.

  • 12.5% discount on hourly rates and a discount on Fixed Fees for all NFU farmer and grower members on instructions relating directly to their businesses as farmers and growers by Wilkin Chapman.

*   Wilkin Chapman are NFU Legal Panel members for Lincs & Nottinghamshire – If you are an NFU member in another region, call NFUCallFIrst on 0370 845 8458 for further information.

** The continuing availability of this benefit is determined by the NFU and the normal LAS rules apply.

  1. Firstly
    1. Are you a member of the NFU?

    2. Do you subscribe to the Legal Assistance Scheme?

    3. Do you have appropriate legal protection insurance in place to cover any eventuality with your business?

Business Health Check

  1. Your Business
    1. Do you have a family succession plan in place?

    2. Do you have a current set of terms and conditions?

    3. Are you certain you have the right business structures in place?

    4. If your farm is part of a partnership, do you have a partnership agreement and is it up to date?

    5. Do your supplier and customer contracts reflect the arrangements you have in place; do they protect your business?

    6. Are you considering diversifying into tourism and leisure?

    7. Have you got any outstanding business debts?

    8. If Yes to 7

      Do you know how to manage these correctly and professionally?

    9. Do you have appropriate clauses in your terms and conditions to ensure you can recover any reasonable costs of recovering your debts?

    10. Are you able to obtain information on your 'customers ability' to repay their debts?

    11. Are you compliant with the Pre-Action Protocols for recovery of debts in the UK?

  2. Your Land
    1. Do you have up to date tenancy/occupation agreements?

    2. Might any of your land still be unregistered? If so, are you interested in voluntarily registering it?

    3. Do you know where all your deeds are?

    4. Do others farm your land and if so, do you have a written agreement in place?

    5. Have you checked whether your land benefits from Agricultural Property Relief and if so, are you certain which rate applies: 50% or 100%?

    6. Have you protected your land against the creation of new public rights of way?

    7. Are you expanding or developing your business?

    8. Are you constructing, developing or converting buildings?

    9. Do you have concerns with drones flying over your land?

    10. Are you considering a renewable energy project?

    11. Do you have any issues with an on-going renewable energy project?

    12. Are you looking to buy-out an existing renewable energy project?

  3. Your Compliance
    1. Have you considered the changes within the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) relating to how you liaise with your customers, suppliers and employees?

    2. Have you got a privacy policy?

    3. If you trade internationally have you considered the restrictions of sharing personal data outside of the EU?

    4. Are you up to date with your environmental licences?

    5. Do you or your employees use firearms as part of your business or recreational use?

    6. If yes to 5

      Is the licence(s) due for renewal in the next 6 months?

    7. Do any licence holders have any health issues that should be declared on reapplying?

    8. Do you provide shooting on your land as part of your business?

  4. Your People
    1. Do you know the employment status of those people who work for you (e.g. employees, workers or self-employed; full- time or part-time; fixed term, seasonal or permanent)?

    2. Do you have appropriate contracts of employment in place for each different category of worker?

    3. Do you have relevant policies and procedures in place in relation to your staff, of which they are aware and have available to them (e.g. disciplinary and grievance, equal opportunities, anti- bullying and harassment etc.)?

    4. Have you considered the data protection implications in relation to the personal data you hold on your workers (for example their HR file, CCTV recordings, health data etc.)?

    5. Does your labour force include non-UK nationals?

    6. Can your employees prove they have the right to work in the UK?

    7. Would your non-UK employee HR files pass a Home Office inspection? (crossover with employment on this issue)

Personal Health Check

  1. Your Family
    1. Do you have a Will and Powers of Attorney (for finances and health)?

    2. Do you have tax planning in place and is it aligned with your business structures?

    3. If yes to 2

      Have they been reviewed or updated in the last 5 years?

    4. Do you know where your Will is kept?

    5. Have you considered pre or post nuptial agreements for yourself or your children?

    6. If you are not married and live with your partner are you aware of their potential legal rights?

    7. If yes to 5

      Do you require a cohabitation agreement to clarify the position?

Thank you for completing the assessment. It is available for you to download to view.

If any of your answers have been included within the red tick boxes, we are offering a FREE 1 hour health check where you can speak to one of our specialist solicitors who will discuss your concerns and help find the right solutions for you.

If you are happy for one of our team to contact you, please complete the form below:

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