Paul Hargreaves

Pre Appointment Technical Manager


Paul is a Pre Appointment Technical Manager within our Business Solutions department in Doncaster.

Paul completed his university education in the millennium year with an English Studies degree, and went on to be a secondary teacher of English and drama, after three years, he moved into insurance providing insurance products and advice for clients with the Royal Bank of Scotland Plc as a senior insurance consultant. In 2005 he moved to work for HSBC Bank plc selling loan and retail bank products and services to clients.

In 2007-2008 redundancies were occurring at the bank due to the onset of the economic recession, and Paul moved to insolvency at Silke & Co Ltd in August 2008. Paul started out as an Administrator in the Pre Appointment team drafting Company Voluntary Arrangement proposals, and preparing liquidation reports in Creditors' Voluntary Liquidations . He qualified with a Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency in 2012, and progressed to Senior Insolvency Administrator, Operations Supervisor, then Pre Appointment Technical Manager.

Paul takes an active role in drafting and updating workpacks, training staff in insolvency, and providing clients with their options and solutions. Paul is currently studying to be an Insolvency Practitioner and sitting his Joint Insolvency Exam Board qualifications in both Corporate and Personal Insolvency.

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