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Putting energy into a renewable future

The renewables vision of two decades ago has fast become a reality on both sides of the Humber, as it has across the UK. With climate change causing increasing concern, the need to find reliable sources of green energy are moving with pace – and that has brought with it, opportunity and challenge in equal measure.

For businesses in the wider Humber and Lincolnshire regions we have seen new markets emerge – solar panels and anaerobic digestion plants are a familiar sight in our rural areas, while the offshore turbines are there for all to see, in increasing abundance. With the above in mind, what can businesses do to capitalise, or indeed are there new opportunities?

The opportunity

The supply chain, feeding the multi-national companies whose names are synonymous with renewable energy, is a sought-after avenue down which regional firms would wish to walk. To win contracts, either alone or in partnerships, may well prove lucrative and long-lasting, ensuring business success – along with security for employees.

There is no doubt that our region has the skills and enterprise to diversify in order to achieve success, indeed this is already reflected in the work we see around us.


The challenge

However large or small a firm’s aims, there must be attention to detail from the very start of a plan. Moving into the sector could well involve diversification, restructure, new partnerships, along with new contracts and premises.

There will be no substitute for ensuring that any such change is carried out only after the correct steps have been taken – an absence of such could well lead to problems down the line, while cutting corners will certainly not be appreciated by the companies whose business is sought.


Here at Wilkin Chapman our aim is to provide support and advice in every area of change in order that our businesses succeed – success in this sector, will ensure a positive future for us all.

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