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Agriculture & Food Processing

‘From the field to the fork’. It is a term many are familiar with, but it is only those immersed in the sector who understand the true complexities of what it takes to feed an international marketplace.

Understanding the marketplace

With a growing worldwide population, the demand upon those working within agriculture and food processing is increasing as they are charged with supplying quality produce as efficiently as possible. If you are engaged in either the growing or rearing of produce, or in its processing and forward journey for sale, you will be fully aware of the hoops through which you must jump to ensure a successful and sustainable business.

Regulation and health & safety compliance, retaining a reliable and stable workforce and future-proofing your organisation with structured business and succession plans, which are regularly reviewed, are just a small example of the plethora of issues that will be on your ever-growing ‘to do’ list. There is also the ever-changing political, European and global landscape that you must contend with.


Our expertise within the sector

Here at Wilkin Chapman, our knowledge within this vast sector is second-to-none, and we do not say that lightly. Our business is rooted in the heart of Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire – as we have grown, we have done so with many of our agricultural clients, understanding their issues and working to support them over many decades. We understand the complex issues that are intrinsic to the sector and we are here to help, advise and guide – building strong relationships for a robust future.

Why choose us?

Trusted by clients and their families for over 100 years, and as the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Legal Panel representative for the NFU, look no further for all the legal assistance that you require.


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