09 December 2022

Our health & social care work: Focus CIC

Katie Davies Partner & Head of Education

The employment and HR team at Wilkin Chapman combines their knowledge and learning with experience across a variety of industries both nationally and locally. One such sector is health and social care.

Partners Jane Eatock and Katie Davies lead a selection of knowledgeable lawyers specialising in the health and care sector. From surgeries to dental practices and social care to nursing homes, the team has experience across the broad spectrum of employers to provide expert legal advice.

Working collaboratively with our clients allows us to foster strong relationships that invariably last for a long time. One long-standing client is Focus CIC which provides access to care across North East Lincolnshire. The company also provides training and development as well as employment opportunities in the sector.

“a very reassuring ear, always available to talk”

Head of Workforce at Focus CIC, Nicki Mekkaoui said:

“Wilkin Chapman has been providing us with HR support and employment law advice for the last 9 years. The team has taken the time to get to know us and our business and provide guidance accordingly to support us with our employment cases.

 “One particular example where we have worked with Jane Eatock at Wilkin Chapman was a disciplinary for a member of staff. We had several concerns regarding their practice as a social worker. Jane expertly talked us through the issues and discussed our disciplinary procedures to ensure we were dealing with everything appropriately. At times, the staff member’s union representative was less than helpful, verging on being verbally rude to people assisting in the process. Jane was very supportive and helpful in advising us how to structure a response to their unacceptable behaviour.   

“We continued to talk through the issues with Wilkin Chapman at our employment meetings and over the phone, right through to the point of dismissal. Support was then provided to check the dismissal letter to ensure we had covered all the points raised right through to the appeal process. Jane was a very reassuring ear, always available to talk about the matter throughout the whole process to ensure we were doing everything ‘by the book’.

“I would have no doubt in recommending Wilkin Chapman to anyone looking for support with their employment and HR needs”

“We have an excellent relationship with the firm; both with our main contacts Jane Eatock and Katie Davies, but also with other members of the HR and employment support team. We not only receive support at our monthly meetings, but also via e-mail and telephone, both of which are always prompt and extremely professional. I would have no doubt in recommending Wilkin Chapman to anyone looking for support with their employment and HR needs.  You will receive exceptional, high quality service from the whole team.”

The Wilkin Chapman employment team provides advice to all clients not only on an hourly rate basis but through Adapt HR, the firm’s employment law and HR advice line service. A cost-effective legal advice service available 24/7 for a fixed annual fee. When an employment problem arises, swift, and practical legal advice is essential to avoid issues developing into more costly problems.  

 It is the employment team’s aim here at Wilkin Chapman to not only provide a prompt response but a considered one. Taking the time to get to know each business, our whole team offers advice that is tailored specifically to your business needs.

Katie Davies, Wilkin Chapman LLP
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