28 July 2022

A guide to selling your house

So, you’ve decided to sell your home, what now?

If you’re selling a property for the first time, you might not know what to expect and have some questions. Equally, even if you’ve sold a house before, you could need a refresher!

Our useful guide will help you get started and offer some important advice to make the process a little smoother and less daunting.

  1. I’ve accepted an offer on my house – what’s the next step?

Instruct a reputable firm of solicitors who prides themselves on service. Our highly qualified and experienced team has in-depth knowledge of the local area and property market. Find out more about the team and what we offer here.

Beware of those claiming to be the cheapest, cheapest doesn’t mean the most efficient, effective, communicative firm. 

Your chosen solicitor will open a file for you and send you initial paperwork (client care papers) setting out their estimate of fees in writing and the work they will do for you. Your buyer will be finding their own solicitor at the same time.

Once you and your buyer have found your solicitor and passed those details to the estate agent, the estate agent will issue a memorandum of sale containing all buyers and sellers’ details, their respective solicitors and the final agreed sale price, (and any other specific agreements made during negotiations such as fittings and contents included or additional purchases).

  1. What happens if unexpected issues arise on the searches?

Once the buyer’s solicitors have received their search results, they will review these and at this point raise any queries that they have on those with your solicitor. Your solicitor should discuss these with you and assist in providing responses where legal points are concerned.

If any third-party input is required, such as a document from the local authority or a management company, your solicitor will liaise with those parties accordingly.

  1. What are the costs I am likely to incur?

Fees and disbursements will vary depending on the sale price and the firm you choose to instruct.  

Our conveyancing calculator sets out an estimate of what you will pay. You will also find purchase  estimate of fees here also.  

As the value and type of each property differs as does the service you require, the calculator provides an estimate only, but we would be happy to discuss your specific requirements and give you an appropriate fixed fee quote where possible.

  1. What other complications could arise when I’m selling?

There are so many different things that could happen which highlights the importance of carefully selecting a solicitor to work with you.

Our team does everything it can to ensure that no unnecessary stress is added to the process. We help and support our clients every step of the way and develop pragmatic solutions to any complications as and when they arise.

  1. How will my solicitor help me in the sale process?

Please visit our conveyancing and property advice page for more information.

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