26 April 2022

Breach of building or planning regulations

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Building regulations are intended to protect people’s safety in and around building. They are also put in place to make economical differences and improvements to energy and efficiency. If you breach building regulations, it is a criminal offence and action can be taken against you.

What is considered a breach of planning regulations?

If you do not follow building control regulations set out for handling the building work, or work is carried out which does not comply with the requirements detailed by building regulations, you will be in breach of building/planning regulations.

Potential prosecutions

You may be a new or experienced building developer, however nobody is immune to the risk of prosecution if they have or are believed to have breached building or planning regulations.

Local councils will usually place strict regulations on the renovation and build of developments, particularly in historical cities such as Lincoln or York. These can range from small to large scale residential or commercial projects.

If you are believed to be in breach of building or planning regulations, the council can prosecute you in the magistrates’ court in which you or your business can face an unlimited fine. In certain circumstances, you may also face a prison sentence.

We understand the detrimental effect such a prosecution, or proposed prosecution, can have upon you, your business, and the development. The delays whilst the prosecution is considered can be tremendously expensive alone.

How to avoid prosecution

If you are facing a prosecution, or concerned you, your employees or business may be, our expert criminal defence solicitor, Alison Boffey can help. Alison regularly appears in the magistrates’ court (in person or via online platform) instructed on behalf of individuals, directors and shareholders. In certain circumstances, Alison successfully helps avoid the prosecution entirely.

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Having worked for the Crown Prosecution Service, Alison is able to advise on range of criminal and regulatory matters.

If you have any questions, please contact Alison Boffey to discuss further.

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