25 April 2022

CIPD report

Oliver Tasker Partner & Head of Employment

The CIPD has published the findings of its Health and Wellbeing at Work survey 2022. The report highlights the significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic over the last two years which has helped to push employee wellbeing up the agenda in many organisations.

The report’s key findings include the following:

  • Two thirds of employers list Covid-19 among their top three causes of short-term absence (an increase from just over a third last year) and over a quarter say long covid is among their top causes of long-term absence. 8 per cent of businesses lost more than 25 per cent of working time to Covid-19 related absence in the previous year.

  • Most employers are taking additional steps to support employee health and wellbeing, including support tailored to individual employee need, a greater focus on mental health and better support for people working from home.

  • A third of employers have increased their budgets for employee wellbeing as a result of the pandemic.

  • Half of businesses have adopted a strategic approach to employee wellbeing, and the survey found these businesses were more likely to report positive achievements from that activity both in relation to the individual employee and the business. One in five businesses are not doing anything to improve employee wellbeing.

  • Presenteeism - working when ill - is still a problem for many employers.

  • Line managers play a key role in employee wellbeing but sometimes lack the skills they need to have those sensitive discussions and direct employees towards expert help.

  • Management style is the most common cause of stress at work.

It is no surprise that the pandemic has pushed employee wellbeing to the fore. It is even less surprising that those businesses taking active steps in relation to the health and wellbeing of their staff are reaping the benefits from it. Stressed or ill employees are not productive or effective workers. The most proactive employers are showing that when it comes to employee wellbeing, you may reap what you sow.

Read the full survey findings on the CIPD website at www.cipd.co.uk.

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