17 May 2020

Former RAF analyst’s successful legal career

Roly Freeman Partner & Head of Energy and Renewables
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After 12 successful years as a Data Analyst in the RAF, Roly Freeman saw a structural change within the organisation as an opportunity to begin a fresh career.

Whilst extremely happy with military life, he decided he could have an equally good future outside the Armed Forces and opted to take a law degree. He is now a partner within Wilkin Chapman’s specialist agriculture team and has not looked back.

“I was 28 at that time and saw it as a real opportunity to start again,” recalled Roly.

Roly, like many former military personnel, recognised the vast array of skills he possessed that equipped him perfectly for a new career.

“All the skills that the military gives you are transferrable. My experience of the RAF is of an organisation that produces highly skilled and highly qualified individuals who are also extremely motivated,” he said.

An experience whilst working in London did, however, open Roly’s eyes to a reluctance amongst some organisations to employ former military personnel. Whilst waiting to go to University, Roly worked in the advertising industry for a firm that had been wary about recruiting him.

“There was definitely a slight nervousness, however, they were thrilled when they realised they had employed a skilled, motivated person with the right qualities. In fact, after my appointment, the firm began to specifically seek people from the military as employees and they have not been let down,” added Roly.

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