02 August 2018

Safety first this summer

Safety first - and prevent injury, damage or worse! That is the message from our legal experts after seeing this horror cycling accident on video.

As the current good weather sees a growing number of cyclists hitting our streets – especially in rural areas – the Personal Injury team at Wilkin Chapman wants drivers and cyclists to take care and BE SAFE.

ITV West Country shared a horrific cycle accident video which you can view by clicking here


  • Riders without helmets are 14 times more likely to suffer from fatal head injuries compared to those who are wearing head protection;

  • You should follow the same traffic laws as an average motorist – stop at red lights, do not use walkways and ride with the traffic flow;

  • Keep a safe distance from parked cars. Do NOT listen to music while riding. Keep 100 per cent focused on the road.

  • Keep your speed appropriate to the traffic and road conditions.

  • You should be aware of the dreaded pothole!

  • Be careful when riding in a group. Cycling more than two abreast is not illegal, but it is certainly not recommended, and cyclists should ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and around bends.

  • Lights, reflectors, brakes – all must be in good order.


  • Allow a minimum of 1.5 metres distance from the object you are overtaking, no matter what it is.

  • Use your indicators in good time – let others know your intentions

  • Look out for cyclists, be aware they may be around the next bend or coming out from the next junction

  • Pay attention – if a cyclist is looking over their shoulder, they will more than likely be preparing for a manoeuvre. Give them space to do it.

  • Remember, cyclists have little protection and are likely to be affected by road and weather conditions – they may veer out to avoid a pothole or be blown by strong winds. Give them room

  • Check your mirror before opening your car door.

  • Always check your passenger mirror when turning left.

Happy motoring and happy cycling – be safe on our roads!

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