24 June 2016

Brexit: Bitesize - The Implications for Employment Law

Next up, in our 'Brexit: Bitesize' series is Teresa Thomas, partner and head of employment law. She looks at what the leave vote means for employment law - for employees and employers alike.

“A large proportion of UK employment law has been imposed from the EU. This includes discrimination law, TUPE, collective consultation obligations, working time regulations, family leave and obligations to agency workers. Now we have voted to leave the Government could in theory repeal all of this legislation but the reality is that this is unlikely.

"The UK already had in place some of the discrimination legislation and maternity provisions prior to the EU implementing them and it appears improbable that the UK government would seek to repeal laws that are for the benefit of employees, for example, family leave rights and the right to paid holidays.

"As we know it will be a lengthy process to extract the UK from its EU commitments. We can be certain that no further EU employment laws will be imposed on the UK. Our view is that over time EU derived employment law will be modified by the UK government to make it more palatable for UK businesses.”

Teresa Thomas, partner and head of employment law

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