Firearms Licensing

If you own a firearm, the law surrounding its ownership, use and licensing is complex. The Firearms Act 1968 and Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 provide the framework within which guns can be owned and used in England, and we have a dedicated team specialising in such matters.

If you break the regulations laid down by the Act, it can result in anything from minor offences, which carry fines of £400 and/or sentences of up to six months in prison. Serious offences can carry unlimited fines and sentences of up to ten years in prison. Needless to say, legal assistance is required in all cases.

We have the perfect team for the job. Dave Hayward is a public law executive and a former senior police officer. Tony Lavin is a consultant (non-solicitor and also a former police officer) As shooters, shotgun owners, BASC members and retaining a working relationship with Lincolnshire Police Firearms' Licensing Department, Dave and Tony are well connected and highly experienced in firearms documentation and law.

We can also provide advice on:

  • Investigations
  • Negotiation with police following revocation/refusal
  • Firearms ownership
  • Application completion
  • Personal injury
  • Leases and licences for land used for shooting
  • Shotgun revocation

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Our specialist agricultural lawyers regularly advise farmers and landowners on personal issues that may affect you including wills, probate, family matters, veterinary negligence and equine related law.

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We are able to offer a licensing service dealing with all types of licensing applications. We can undertake full licensing applications for new premises, personal licences and temporary event notices. Get in touch with our licensing solicitors.

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Personal Disputes

Sometimes disputes or litigation cannot be avoided, our team of solicitors provide a range of services aimed at resolving disputes, including: alternative dispute resolution, arbitrations and mediations.

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Shotgun revocation

Due to the rise in shotguns used in crimes, shotgun certificates were introduced in 1968. Firearms rules regulating applications for shotgun certificates came into force in September 1998. If the Chief Officer of Police for an area decides that a license holder is prohibited by the Act from possessing a shotgun, or cannot be permitted to possess a shotgun without danger to the public safety or to the peace, the license can be revoked. Revocation can be appealed at court if you feel you have been unfairly categorised, and our in-house experts can advise you on your options.

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