Wilkin Chapman LLP Started life in 1900 through the amalgamation of two sole practitioners, Mr. James Whiteley Wilkin and Mr. Ernest Benjamin Chapman.

Mr. Ernest Benjamin Chapman was born in 1872, and in 1897 he started up his own practice. Mr. James Whiteley Wilkin also had his own practice and he occupied part of a house in 47 Victoria Street in 1897 which he used as his office. In around 1902, when the two amalgamated, they carried on practising from Mr.Wilkin's offices in 47 Victoria Street. It is unknown as to the length of time they were in this building, but by 1914 they had moved next door into the Prudential Chambers. In 1958 the firm moved from Prudential Chambers to New Oxford House in Grimsby where it remained for 58 years.

In the middle of the twentieth century the firm started to expand substantially partly as the result of an increasing private client base and partly to service the needs of one particular client, the Ross Group. The company's expansion fuelled the recruitment of specialist Corporate and Commercial partners at Wilkin Chapman. Consequently expertise was developed which might be considered unusual in a provincial practice but which formed the basis for the firm's future success.

Since then the firm opened branches in Cleethorpes (which later closed in 2010), Louth and Horncastle. In 1998 the firm merged with Lincoln law firm, Gilbert Blades and in 1999 with another Lincoln law firm, Epton & Co; the firm was known in Lincoln as Wilkin Chapman Epton Blades until 2011 when it moved to The Maltings and became Wilkin Chapman LLP as it is now known.

In April 2005 Wilkin Chapman merged with Cooper & Wright Solicitors in Beverley to form Cooper Wilkin Chapman, the first of the firm's offices outside of its natural Lincolnshire boundary. In April 2015, 10 years after the merger, our Beverley office became known as Wilkin Chapman LLP .

In August 2010, we merged with Lincolnshire based firm Grange Wintringham to form Wilkin Chapman Grange, adding a further office in Grimsby and offices in Market Rasen, Alford, Sutton on Sea and Mablethorpe. On 1 October 2015, and to create consistency across all our offices, the Wilkin Chapman Grange trading name was replaced by Wilkin Chapman LLP.

2017 saw the firm say farewell to its longstanding home at New Oxford House in Grimsby and relocate to the flagship development, Cartergate House.

In 2018, the firm merged with Silke & Co Ltd, a corporate insolvency business based in Doncaster, to form Wilkin Chapman Business Solutions which is now based in Grimsby.

Today, Wilkin Chapman LLP has 6 offices throughout Lincolnshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire providing a wide range of legal services to meet the needs of our private and business clients.