Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR as it is sometimes known, has become the term that describes how organisations contribute to the well-being and development of the community in which they operate. For many solicitors’ practices this is an integral part of their activities - through practising their profession, lawyers assist both individuals and businesses.

Over the years, Wilkin Chapman LLP has acted for private clients and those who are publicly funded. We have also contributed to the success and development of the community by acting for companies and large organisations whose activities in turn provide employment, opportunity and contribute to the economic health of the region.

Our staff and partners alike support the community in many ways - from spearheading charity fund raising campaigns, to working voluntarily as a college or school governor to taking part in charity fun runs and gaining sponsorship.  In 2009 are support was officially recognised as we won the ConocoPhilips Excellence in Community Relations Award at the Northern Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2009.

Business in the Community

More recently we became aware of the ‘Business in the Community’ project and the opportunity that this offers for taking community work to another level. Wilkin Chapman LLP make a financial contribution to Business in the Community and in return receive a number of “volunteering opportunities”. This is particularly beneficial as it offers younger personnel the gateway to volunteer - something that they may not otherwise know how to do. Furthermore, it is up to some staff to organise projects and this in turn gives them valuable team leadership experience. Our staff now give their time (and Wilkin Chapman LLP matches this by giving them paid time off work), volunteering to help those people or organisations in our community who are disadvantaged.

More detail of the wonderful work that has and is being done follows but it can be seen that whether it is a short or long term project, whether sitting listening to an individual school child read or painting a wall in a community centre, staff at Wilkin Chapman LLP really are making a contribution and feeling the reward of knowing that they personally are making a difference.

Our ‘Business in the Community’ projects

‘Partners in Reading’

‘Partners in Reading’ is a scheme where members of staff from both the Grimsby and Lincoln offices attend local junior schools in disadvantaged areas one lunchtime per week to listen to children read.

Community Projects

Partners and staff have also taken part in a number of community-based projects which require them to work as a team to plan, organise and control tasks, including:

  • Helping to design and create a reading garden at Willows Primary School, Grimsby, as part of Business in the Community’s Give & Gain Day 2010.
  • Providing the manpower for a two-day project to decorate the communal room at the Women's Refuge in Grimsby.
  • Our Beverley partners and staff planting a large number of trees essential for the survival of a local conservation area.


As well as staff participation in community projects, we make regular financial contributions to various local charitable organisations surrounding all of our offices. This tends to be supporting our clients’ requests for donations if they are taking part in charitable events or general requests from the public.

Sport Sponsorship

We also support our staff in their sporting activities. Currently, we sponsor a cricket team, and help pay  for pitch fees, clothes and equipment. The cricket team currently maintain their own pitch