Guarding the dogs

31 March 2016

Dogs and horses might not go hand-in-hand, but it's rare to see a stable yard without a dog. In her latest blog article, Brenda Gilligan, equine law expert, takes a look at the potential for accidents and whether your existing insurance cover is adequate.

'A Day in Court' - Equine related disputes

23 October 2015

Brenda Gilligan, senior solicitor, takes a look at how most equine related disputes can be managed.

Take Cover - Riding Accident Claims

02 September 2015
Brenda Gilligan, senior solicitor and equine law specialist, looks at an interesting Slovenian case which helped an English rider's accident claim, and its far-reaching consequences.

Occupational hazards - how can you keep land and premises safe?

14 May 2015
How far do landowners have to go to keep their land and premises safe? It is a wide-ranging question and the answer will be very fact specific, but some general guidelines are possible.

Weighing It Up - A Weighty Issue for the Equine World

05 January 2015
New Year is traditionally a time for resolutions and a perennial favourite is a resolve to lose weight. Obesity in horses has been an issue for some time, particularly among show horses. There is a perception that leaner and therefore allegedly fitter horses do not win prizes .But it's not only horses...
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