The High Court insurance victory for some COVID-hit businesses.

17 September 2020

Katherine Marshall, a solicitor within our disputes team, examines this week’s landmark business insurance ruling, which should see firms receive the insurance pay-outs they are entitled to. But there may be a delay as the insurers could appeal the decision.

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New planning rules designed to help our town centres bounce back

01 September 2020

Today, changes to legislation to aid the rejuvenation of our town and city centres comes into effect. A new set of regulations designed to ease the planning burden for building owners have been introduced. Commercial property solicitor Ben Cox looks at the changes in more detail:

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Protect your business during coronavirus

21 April 2020

Our business expert Ian Rose joins employment specialist Oliver Tasker to offer essential advice for those in charge of small and medium businesses



Is coronavirus a force majeure?

08 April 2020

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures – but relying on force majeure in the age of COVID—19 is not always straightforward. Our solicitor Jonathan Mackinder explains



The trouble with Brexit…but solutions are at hand!

20 August 2019

As the region continues to brace itself for the possibility of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, there will be some firms that are actively investigating how they may wish to restructure their operations.

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