Wilkin Chapman heralded as one of the top law firms in the UK.

26 October 2017
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The Lawyer UK 200 for 2017 ranks Wilkin Chapman amongst the top 200 legal firms in the UK.

The Lawyer UK 200 for 2017 ranks the top legal firms in Britain based on key statistics - pitching regional organisations with national interests, against the largest global outfits in the UK.

This year’s report shows how Wilkin Chapman solicitors, with seven offices in Lincolnshire, the Humber and Yorkshire, has cemented its place as one of the UK’s top 200 law firms – a growth described as ‘remarkable’ by the Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce.

Across its offices in Grimsby, Lincoln, Beverley, Louth, Horncastle, Alford and Sheffield, the firm employs nearly 400 partners and staff, placing it as the UK’s 74th largest law firm in terms of staff numbers – a jump from 84th place last year.

Wilkin Chapman’s record on diversity is also very impressive – with the number of females it employs placing it 73rd in the Top 200 table. Of the firm’s partners, a third are women.

Released this month, the report also shows Wilkin Chapman as the top firm in the Lincolnshire and Humber region – standing at number 106 in the UK Top 200, based on revenue.

Key measures looked at in the report include overall performance with regards to diversity, the number of partners an organisation has and its total number of staff – and in all these areas Wilkin Chapman finds itself in the Top 100, and firmly at the top of the regional tree.

Chief Executive Des Mannion is delighted with the firm’s standing in the Top 200, which is the most comprehensive guide to the success of the country’s legal profession.

“The Lawyer UK 200 shows us as a leader in our profession in the Lincolnshire, Humber and Yorkshire regions, and also within the top firms in the country, a fact of which we are all delighted. I think there are still a number of people in the region who don’t realise our size, and the breadth of expertise we have.

“Of equal importance, is our success in nurturing local talent, encouraging them into our business, developing them personally and supporting their careers with us.

He added: “I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved, both our people and clients, for the support and hard work in helping the firm in achieving these important milestones and recognition together.”

The continued growth and investment in the area was praised by the Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce. Head of External Affairs David Hooper said: “There are many great law firms in our area, but the growth of Wilkin Chapman in recent years has been remarkable.”

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