Sunday Politics comes to Grimsby’s Wilkin Chapman headquarters for a pre-budget special

17 November 2017
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BBC cameras will be shining a spotlight on Grimsby ahead of next week’s Autumn budget.

Business and political leaders will join Des Mannion, the Chief Executive of the region’s leading law firm Wilkin Chapman solicitors, at the firm’s Grimsby headquarters for a special pre-budget Sunday Politics show, to be screened on November 19, on BBC One at 11am.

Look North’s political correspondents Tim Iredale and Sarah Sanderson are taking an in-depth look at the economy, the investment currently on its way to North East Lincolnshire and asking guests if enough is being done to support regeneration in towns like Grimsby.

Tim and Sarah will also be joined by two business stars of the future – both local - who are proving that young talent can remain in the area and look forward to bright careers. They will speak about retaining skills and having a future in North East Lincolnshire.

Wilkin Chapman’s new headquarters in Grimsby’s Cartergate House, has been selected to host the show. The £6-million office complex, a result of private and public partnership, is seen as one of the cornerstones of the town’s regeneration plans.

Mr Mannion said: “The idea for this programme came from a series of executive dinners that were held here during the summer, during which we were able to gauge opinion with regards to a number of business issues from Brexit, to infrastructure and transport, and the importance of attracting and retaining talented young people for the future.”

Danielle Sakseide, 23, of New Waltham is a trainee solicitor with Wilkin Chapman and will be on the show alongside Macaulay Reavill, an award-winning apprentice with Grimsby engineering firm Allied Protek.

Macaulay, 20, opted for an engineering apprenticeship with Allied Protek despite initial advice to further his education at University. Under the guidance of Managing Director Paul Wilson, who will also be on the show, Macaulay combines working with his studies at the Grimsby Institute, and he recently travelled to Abu Dhabi representing Team UK in the WorldSkills Finals.

Other guests include Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers and Great Grimsby MP Melanie Onn, team leader at Investment Hub NEL Sarah Brattan and National Director at the manufacturers’ organisation EEF Andy Tuscher.

During the 30-minute show, the leader of North East Lincolnshire Council Ray Oxby will also be asked about future plans and the Great Grimsby project. The project has the aim of attracting major public and private sector investment to Grimsby and is supported by some of the nation’s most influential business leaders and politicians.

Mr Oxby said: “Our community, like never before, needs our business and political leaders of all colours to come together to deliver on this renaissance to better shape the future and life chances of our people for generations to come. This is our chance to really drive an exciting way forward to put the ‘Great’ back in Grimsby and we’re determined to help deliver it.”

Outlining the issues to be tackled, Tim Iredale added: “The whole show will be focused on taking the temperature of Grimsby’s economy ahead of the budget with various aspects and discussions. We have some very good guests who will give a flavour of what we may see in the future, looking at both the opportunities and challenges ahead.”

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