As the Government steps up its national action in the wake of the coronavirus threat, a growing number of events are being cancelled

13 March 2020


As the coronavirus outbreak intensifies, we've been advising clients on the legal implications of events either being called off, or postponed

So, if you are an event organiser, a venue where a booked event has been affected, or due to attend an affected event, what should you do and where do you stand legally?

  • With the situation and government advice developing on a day-by-day basis, the timing of any steps that you take could have a big impact on your legal rights and obligations;
  • If you are an event organiser, particular care needs to be taken before any information is communicated to attendees;
  • Who is responsible for the costs associated with a cancellation or postponement? This will to a large extent depend on the particular terms and conditions in each individual case.

Wilkin Chapman corporate & commercial solicitor, Jonathan Mackinder, said: “The decision to cancel or postpone an event is never taken lightly and will likely have implications for all involved.

"We are in and facing a period of exceptional circumstances and in such situations we must all respond to government advice appropriately and in doing so act responsibly.”

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