Working Nine to Five?

09 February 2017

Is there anything more elusive than the perfect work-life balance?

Is there anything more elusive than the perfect work-life balance?

According to the Modern Families Index 2017, which provides a snapshot of UK family life, just one in five families have enough time to spend with each other and enough income to see their family thrive. And it seems that, for some, work time continues to morph into personal time; 72 per cent of parents surveyed said that they catch up on work at home at night and at weekends. Worryingly for family dynamics, many people reported work pressures having a negative effect on their relationship with their partner and leading to rows with their children.

Employers have a part to play in this. Parents who took part in the survey said that their job, their manager’s attitude or their workplace culture prevented them from making use of possibilities for flexible working. And there is a communication problem too; 41 per cent of parents said they had not been truthful with their employer about conflicts between family life and work. For many, the boundary between family life and work life doesn’t make for a comfortable talking point.

Perhaps one of the most significant points for employers to consider is that fathers are reported to be factoring childcare arrangements into their career decisions. For example, thirty eight per cent said that they would take a pay cut if that would mean a better work-life balance. So it’s not just women who are on the hunt for flexibility.

As we hear time and time again, employers who promote a healthy work-life balance win. They get employees who are more motivated, loyal and productive – so say those who took part in this survey, anyway.

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