Mental Health at Work - the Royal touch

18 October 2018

Prince William has launched a new website to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace.

It is part of the Royal Family's 'Heads Together' campaign. It was launched in conjunction with 'Mind', the mental health charity. 'Mental Health at Work' is an online gateway to information, training and resources for managers to help employees who may be struggling with their mental health. It is available to all employers, large and small.

Sickness absence, including for mental health reasons, costs employers billions each year. A survey by Mind showed that 48 per cent of those surveyed had experienced poor mental health but only half had informed their employer. The survey also showed that a third of employers struggled to find information they needed to properly support employees with mental health issues. Another survey by the Institute of Directors has shown that only 20 per cent of businesses provide managers with mental health training.

This new resource will be particularly useful to small employers who may not have their own Human Resources department. And it's free.

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