25 February 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused many employers to query how they should deal with an employee who is affected by the virus, or who has returned from travelling to an affected area.

Acas have produced some helpful guidance in response to the outbreak, discussing how to best manage sick leave, quarantined staff, and considerations for businesses in the event that they need to shut down temporarily as a result of the virus.

The key points to note are:

  • · you can ask employees to self-isolate themselves when they come back from an affected area (most likely for 14 days);
  • · if this is merely a precaution (because they have just been to an affected area rather than because of any symptoms being shown by the employee), Acas guidance is that they should receive their full pay for the duration of their isolation;
  • · If the employee returns and shows symptoms of the virus, they should be encouraged to self-isolate. They should then receive their usual sick pay entitlement (as a minimum); and
  • · Employers are advised to ensure that all employees are aware of the procedure, how to spot symptoms, and what you are doing to manage the situation.

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