What is ICE?

There for you in case of emergency

Adding your Medical ID to your phone could save your life in the event of an accident.

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Did you know more than 75% of people don’t carry any details of who they’d like to be contacted in case of an emergency?*

Our specialist personal injury team at Wilkin Chapman were surprised at how high this stat was and have committed to raising awareness of ICE (in case of emergency) as a quick, free and easy solution to provide vital information to the emergency services in the event of an accident.

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The facts about ICE
Is it compatible with my phone?
  • Works on Apple and Android
  • Space for multiple emergency contacts
  • Accessible even when your phone’s locked
  • iOS 8 and above

But what if the phone is password protected?

These days, mobile phones have a Medical ID feature built-in which allows access to emergency contacts and medical information easily without having to worry about a passcode. The emergency services know where to find it…

What is ICE?

ICE (in case of emergency) was an idea hatched by former paramedic Bob Brotchie in 2004 for phones users to store emergency contact details under the acronym ICE in their mobile phones. This way in the unfortunate event of an accident, the rescue services would be able to quickly identify and contact a next of kin immediately.

"If we had a uniform approach to searching inside a mobile phone for an emergency contact then that would make it easier for everyone."

Bob Brotchie

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