Police Forces & Police and Crime Commissioner

We are one of only a small handful of professional advice firms in England and Wales to have the understanding and experience of police forces and Police and Crime Commissioner to be able to offer realistic, practical and cost-effective support.

We are used to working with and winning the confidence of senior police officers, staff and members and are able to work effectively alongside outside bodies such as the staff associations and Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Our work to date has included:

  • Conducting preliminary enquiries on complex senior police officer complaints
  • Investigating potential staff disciplinary matters
  • Police and Crime Commissioner office security review
  • Senior police officer employment and retirement issues

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Ethics & Conduct

We understand the challenges of being a local government monitoring officer from personal experience. We can offer definitive guidance and support on conduct issues, either directly to the monitoring officer or directly to members and other officers.

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Governance & Constitutions

We not only know the theory of the executive / scrutiny new form of governance, introduced by the Local Government Act 2000, but we have good experience of operating it in practice and of improving and updating the current models used in most councils.

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Regulatory and Public Law

We provide expert advice on the complete range of services for public and third sector organisations. Our experienced public law solicitors cover all aspects of law which affect local government, including: Human rights Data protection Freedom of Information, Privacy and defamation, Local Government Act 1972 and succeeding legislation, Municipal Trading, Police Act 1996, and Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA)

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Scrutiny and review

From our governance and police and crime panel experience, we know how to galvanise your council's scrutiny into an effective way of improving corporate performance.

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